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"I think that hydrant wasn't there.."
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April 03 2010

An NPH musical biography. A clever montage of NPH singing moments. It includes several clips from Dr.H.

What an excellent montage. I love that clip of NPH and Jason Segel doing Confrontation on that talk show. So good.
That was the greatest collection of awesome I think I've ever seen. Well done to whoever put that together.
Talented man! Talented man!
Oh my goodness!! NPH + Jason Segal + Les Mis= OMGOMGOMGOMG SO AMAZING! Can I please see a production of Les Mis with the two of them as Javert and Valjean? PLEASE?!?!
Oh, this is wonderful!
That last number -- while impeccably written and dressed -- did seem a lot like a big finish I saw once in a musical that also starred Alyson.

Or are they all just copies from some Ur-showstopper?

And, incidentally, that man can sing.
I only ever knew NPH as Barney from HIMYM, which has enough Jossian qualities that the transition to DHSAB was pretty smooth... but gosh if must be weird for the people who only knew him as a rather serious theater actor seeing him dancing around in a lab coat with a big ray gun.

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