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April 03 2010

Cruise the Caribbean with Julie Benz and Clare Kramer in 2011. CruiseCons announces its plans for the 1st Celebrity Cruise Convention, set for June 11, 2011. Set sail on this 7-night voyage aboard Carnival's new "Dream".

clare's business ideas are a++
Heh, like we have a vacation. Thank you nevertheless, RavenU :)
I was all set to sell off my spare kidney until I realised there'd be other people there too. Ah well, s'probably for the best, I may need it in future anyway.

Hope anyone that goes has a great time.
A much better trip itinerary than the Browncoats Cruise, but they'll have to go a long way (pun intended) before they top the fun we had back in December '07.
I agree, TDBrown!

Jonathan realizing he had no plan for the gift exchange was one of the funnier moments, for me.

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