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April 03 2010

New Buffy "Throne of the Slayer" Maquette available for pre-order. Available for Sept. 22nd, 2010 from Things From Another World.

This detailed sculpture stands 17.5"H x 11.5"W x 13.00"L and presents an elaborately seated chosen one, awaiting her next battle with the weight of her duty as the Slayer heavy on her shoulders...

If that's meant to be Buffy, the face is a little off, but the rest of the maquette is exquisite.
If that's meant to be Buffy, the face is a little off, but the rest of the maquette is exquisite.
Actually, I think the face is a pretty good likeness. The hair, however, is another story.

BTW, wasn't this already posted a few months ago?
I'm not certain, but I think they've tweaked the face. It looks better now than it did when I saw it a couple months back. I saved a picture fron the original gallery Sideshow put up and I just compared it to the current pics...the nostrils don't look as wide now. You're right though, Jesse...the hair isn't quite working. Still, I'm a lot happier with the piece now than I was before, because I always thought the nose was the main thing holding the likeness back. It simply took up too much real estate on Buffy's face.
It looks pretty good to me, and way better than what the face usually ends up looking like in the end on a lot of these statues and figures. Ouch on the price though, but it's to be expected.

I don't buy these kinds of things, but I'd consider it if I was rich. Which I'm not. The scythe was included with the special edition version of this statue I believe.
BTW, wasn't this already posted a few months ago?

There was an announcement and pics from the manufacturer, Sideshow. This is one of the several companies buying directly from Sideshow and then offering this piece for pre-order. If anyone's interested, here's another reputable company offering it for pre-order:
I think the initial unpainted sculpt was posted a few months back. Not a huge fan of this maquette if I'm being honest. Considering Ms. Summers never had a throne. If she did I think it would have more of a girlie-fun touch. This throne belongs to the Master if anyone.

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I kinda like it. Agree with alcabongTV about the throne. Bit random. And now I wanna watch the episode where Buffy is wearing that dress.

Have they ever made any plushy toys of the Scooby Gang? That would be pretty cool.

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Well, Buffy is the queen according to Genevieve. Queens have thrones... are they all gothic-esque? Who knows.
Aside from the throne being completely out of character, I think what's wrong w/this statue thingy is that her jaw is too square. SMG's jaw tapers more towards her chin.

And the hair.

She looks more like Glory than Buffy. Especially given the dress.

And what's up with the throne!? Anyone? Bueller?

I forget - is this supposed to be representative of Buffy in the comics? 'cause...if she's going evil with power (I read a rumor somewhere) or something the throne would make sense.
Buffy has 1970s Jodie Foster tomboy hair. LOL.

The mini dress, boots and throne are all very classic season 1 BtVS (and she did wear a similar red dress--though satiny--in a lot of promos and Teacher's Pet).

The main issue is that the head looks like it was based on 1970s-era Jodie Foster. They should just give her season 1 hair (and please refrain from making it quite so blonde) to go with the outfit and Gothic, very Master-esque throne.

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They never let Buffy's character 'grow up' when it comes to these things. Always depicting her dressed as she was in the first season, which is a bit sad imo.

Although the whole thing looks beautifully sculpted I don't think the likeness is all that it could be, and quite why they've stuck her on this throne is anyone's guess.

For me at least, an easy miss.
I think mostly you guys are overlooking the fact that it's not actually SMG and that it's a maquette! Of course it won't look so impeccably perfect to the actual person. Sheesh -- complain much?!

If you donít like it, design your own. Itís like complaining that Georges Jeantyís rendering of the cast in season 8 is too imperfect. ďOh no, those nostrils are all wrong...Ē What a whiner.

Too much? Sometimes I canít tell.
Hang on, It's meant to be a likeness of Buffy as played by SMG. Just beacuse It's a maquette doesn't mean it's not meant to be her, so I don't know quite where you're getting that from.

It also costs (with shipping) an awful lot of money, and for that I don't think It's out of order to expect a tad better likeness. And as for ''whining' well I did say it was beautifully sculpted, just that (as others have said) the likeness is off, and the throne was an odd choice.
Probably Evil, people are entitled to their own civil opinions on the matter without you calling them whiners. Consider yourself warned.
Hey, I was just quoting Mal Reynolds in the deleted scenes from Serenity! Thought the Wedonesque community would appreciate it


Please lighten up :)
Proably Evil, from where I'm sitting it looks like you're trying to tell people off. If you have any further to say on the matter do email me about it.
Beautifully sculpted but not a great resemblance to Buffy / Sarah so for that money I would want it look more like her. And it's a small picture but are her eyes bright blue? Which is another thing that bugs me.

And the throne? I'd rather see her sitting on a gravestone or crypt waiting for a vamp to rise than a skull encrusted gothic doodah.
Not sure if this has already been said, but:

This has been for pre-order for a while. Maybe not from tfaw, but from sideshow. The exlcusive is already sold out (but if you get on sideshows waitlist you might be able to get it).

They just re-did the face paint, so that's why she looks differently from the original promo pics.

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