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April 04 2010

Buffyfest has some updates from Scott Allie on WonderCon reports. Some clarifications about the Buffy Season 9 and Dollhouse stuff.

Been running about posting news of this under the respective threads already present, but this is probably a lot more visible. :)
I posted the CBR report on the panel in the newsarama thread because it was still towards the topish of the page at the time.

I gave this it's own thread because I didn't think a lot of people would see the Buffyfest update.

I guess it's a judgement call and if a mod thinks it should be added to a thread instead of its own,they'll do that.
No, I agree that this is a lot more visible, and I think that the clarifications do make a difference, so thanks for posting this.
Thanks Buffyfantic and Wen for posting here/spreading the word. Agree that the misinfo out there is really confusing right now.

So, the news is that there's no new news? Which we already knew?
The news is that the news we heard before is pretty much still the only news but now with bonus mild confusion and some sense of what the start time for Season 9 may be.

I think.
And that Georges Jeanty will NOT be the main artist for S9, which was reported incorrectly in the old reports for some reason.
The news is that nothing is happening about Dollhouse in the comics world STILL, and that Buffy Season 9 still doesn't have a main artist or release date. xD Oh God. This is big.
Jeanty still could end up being the artist, it's just that there's no one officially attached to the project yet.

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