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April 04 2010

(SPOILER) Wondercon Recap: Happy Town Pilot, Amy Acker's new series. They showed the pilot for the series, before the panel.

I was disappointed that all the time was taken with the show and there wasn't much time left for questions. But the show looks cool.

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Seeing the preview, l have to say l'm intrigued by the premise small town, secrets and an air of suspense, yeah l'm down with it
Yeah, I've been checking out the previews of this show and it has me interested. Plus, Amy Acker, can't go too wrong there. I'll give it a watch.
Watched the pilot in the audience. Looks promising, but there is a 'cheese' factor to the show, and some things look very obvious and stereotypical. And with showing the pilot, I think each member of the panel only had one question to answer which kind of sucked.

I'll definitely give this show a chance, maybe a 3 or 4 episode trial run on my DVR.

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