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April 04 2010

Amber Benson tweets the Premiere date for "Drones" in the UK. The film she co-directed with Adam Busch and starring Jonathan Woodward, will premiere at Sci-Fi-London Expo.

According to the programme, Emma Caulfields new movie "Timer" will also be premiering at the festival.
Pity, they missed it by one day or we could all be Tweeting "May the 4th be with you" right now ;). Hope both films get a good reception anyway.
The Sci-Fi London Twitter have just posted up the back page of the programme in as an image for anybody having trouble viewing it (which is a lot of people).

I've just bought 7 tickets and it's only an 88 seater screen, there are already another 15 or so sold on top of that, so if you want to go, buy your tickets soon!

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