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April 05 2010

Seth Green involved in new Star Wars T.V. Series? This would be a Star Wars sitcom.

This would be in addition to the already running Clone Wars Series and the upcoming animated Star Wars series aimed at preschoolers.Plus the live action Star Wars series that will be set between Revenge Of The Sith and A New Hope.

I feel like this story is about four days late.

But Seth Green writing Star Wars comedy? I'm in.
The only thing that could make a Star Wars sitcom work is Seth Green. I'm in too.
I don't think anything could make a Star Wars sitcom work, but I love Seth regardless :).
I don't think anything could make a Star Wars sitcom work

This sounds absolutely horrible. I hope it never gets made. If it does, it's just another "f*ck you" from George Lucas to his fans.

Star Wars is a setting. The difference between a good sitcom and a bad sitcom is NOT the setting. It is primarily the writing, acting and directing.

Lucas bashing has become so easy that people jump to it instantly without question. The guy did some great stuff once. Even after some disappointments, we need to give him a chance before we assume failure.
Seth Green did amazing things with the Robot Chicken Star Wars sketches. They were quite obviously a labor of love for him (and the rest of the Robot Chicken crew), and I'm sure that he would absolutely make something amazing out of a Star Wars based sitcom. Star Wars doesn't seem to lend itself innately to sitcoms, but I think Seth Green could convince us otherwise. Besides Red Dwarf, there just aren't enough scifi comedies out there, so I look forward to this project, hope it comes to fruition! :-)

My thoughts exactly.
Lucas hasn't done anything worthwhile in 29 years. There, I said it.
Can't say it's something I'd have ever expected, but it could be fun. And Seth Green can only make it better. :)
As long as Lucas gives away some creative control, it could be really good. The last time he trusted someone else with his franchise is when he let someone else direct The Empire Strikes Back. And that's easily one of the best, if not the best Star Wars movie.

I'm not counting Return of the Jedi as him trusting someone else, because I'm pretty sure Lucas is fully responsible for the Ewoks. That is an unforgivable sin.
I'm really more interested in the drama series coming up. When is that gonna happen??
As long as there's no laugh track, we stand a chance. We're past laugh tracks, right?
Star Wars not sitcom-worthy? Well, what if they get Eddie Izzard to play Vader? (Clip NSFW, or kids). :-)

Oh, and if they can capture some of the comedy from the funnier moments of the Star Wars Tales series, they could be onto something.
Here's another little bit on the same topic. This one has some quotes from Seth. I'm not a big Star Wars guy, but this... I just don't know. I suppose it could go either way, but it seems unlikely that the masses would be into it.
I think this is actually sorta brilliant. We bemoan the lack of sci-fi on American TV and Lucas is probably willing to fuel as much of his own money as he has to produce whatever he feels like
(Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) plus it seems like pretty untouched sitcom ground to have a sci-fi premise and actually follow through with the special effects. (The closest coming to mind were the "very special" 3rd Rock from the Sun episodes like the dream sequence one.)

Granted I'm not sure how they'd go about this exactly. anthology? (ala Star Wars Tales or even Seth Green's Robot Chicken Star Wars specials) or something more like Rosencrantz and and Guildenstern where there are these set characters going on more comedic adventures just to the side of all the bigger events in the world? Or could it literally just be a bunch of regular folk like five friends who live in rent-controlled Cloud City?

Or something that never even occurred to me but seems to be suggested by Seth Green's comment, maybe it's just outright the characters from the original trilogy but their wackier moments where Princess Leia constantly bemoans Han and the walking carpet's bromance?

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