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April 05 2010

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Game". An 8-bit interpretation of "Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog" as a theoretical Nintendo game - part 1 of 3.

I deleted the self-link. Please read the House Rules: "Do not post links to your own stuff. It is considered bad etiquette to link to your own site, a site you are associated with, something you've written or designed, or something that's been written about you or your projects. This is not a place to advertise yourself or your homepage. Persistent self-linkers will lose their posting rights."

I reposted it this one time, since it seemed like something of general interest. The vast majority of self-links will just be zapped. Thanks.
That was made of AWESOME! I loved the Bad Horse Chorus and laughed so hard when Lil Cap'n Hammer jumps onto the van.
Love love love love love.
This may be one of the best things I've ever seen.
Awesome... The music is fantastic, still hear the lyrics in my head anyway... haha.
SO MUCH LOVE. I wish I could play it.
That was amazing.
Really well done, great job. I loved it, so cute. Reminded me of Earthbound a little. And now I have the fabulous songs stuck in my head and must listen to the real things.
Sooooo amazing, self-linking notwithstanding.
Great Job! This is amazing!
Dr Octorock replied to my earlier inquiry about whether he'd be releasing his 8-bit soundtrack on CD -- as he has done with some of his other projects -- and sadly the answer was "no". He may however release it as free download with the purchase of his next album. Meanwhile, three 8-bit songs were released freely over at , as many here on Whedoneque already know from earlier notes. I've got "Everything You Ever" as my ringtone... (had to edit it down to the first 60 seconds and boost the levels, and it is now perfect for phone use.) I have to admit no interest in watching the visuals. It's all about the beeps and boops for me.
Sooooo amazing, self-linking notwithstanding.

Indeed, it is a thing of beauty. Which is why it was not zapped. Art must be cherished, n'est-ce pas? Just got to work within the rules . . . :-)
What?! Hey! I've been checking the site where the individual songs were posted nearly every day since "Everything You Ever" went up in hopes of catching this when it came out, and now it goes up on a *different* website! Humph!

Okay, but personal indignation aside, this is totally beyond awesome.
Very impressive. If it were a real game, I'd play it. I just wish you could pause and rewind and stuff. Looking forward to the next act.
Wishing I could play right now...Very fun.
The 8-bit soundtrack is available here to download, in case anybody missed that.
hacksaway said:
I just wish you could pause and rewind and stuff.
You can pause and rewind it if you download the file here and play it in Media Player Classic found here. What's funny is if you pause it when a character is walking they stop but keep walking in place.

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2010-04-06 07:59 ]
That's very impressive. It's fun how nostalgic it is based on something that was playing with boundaries of new media. Amazing. Hope, cast and crew get to see it. I bet Felicia would have a lot of fun with it.
Pretty amazing.
So fantastic. Can't wait for the next act!
Good god!! Why can't this be real?! I want this so bad...
Amazing! It's just as much fun as Doc H. itself originally was, I'd even say. Looking forward to seeing more of it.
That was awesome!! Will there be more?
Oh just wow. And wow. So many memories of my childhood came flooding back. I do love the blend of old and new media. Well done.
That's one of the best fan efforts I have ever seen. Well done!
Wow. That is amazing.
Awesome sauce with a cherry on top!
Oh my gods, that is epic! Takes me back to playing Zelda as a kid. ;)
So awesome! Love it!
Nicely done!
Yeah, if Felicia doesn't know about this, someone really needs to tell her.
Oh, she knows:

And this is just such unbridled win. The internet is awesome when it lets people produce this stuff.
Absolutely the most adorably awesome thing I have EVER seen. Definitely can't wait for the next two acts!
The cutscene images had me flashing back to the Tim Burton Batman game for the NES (or really any licensed game from back in the NES days).
So much love.
Just wanted to add my voice in the chorus...AWESOME!!

I miss my old game systems--NES, Intellivision, Atari...those were the days.
This is so brilliant! I was laughing really hard with it.
I have so much love for this, words can hardly express it.
I can't begin to imagine how much work this would've taken. It's so great, and a perfect example of why our remix culture should be promoted (imagine how horrible it would be if this was taken down because of stupid copyright laws?).

Anyway: thank you so much whoever made this! It's made my day, and by the looks of it, it's made everyone else's too.
Nathan & Neil also have tweeted it, and it is posted on EW as the "Clip du jour"
This is SO AMAZING!!!

I am in love with it.
This is made of win. Awesome.
So amazing. Love, love, love.
Completely brilliant, as everyone else has said, love love love this so much! I can't believe how well this is done and made me laugh at such great moments like the cowboys hopping! I wish this was a real game now and could go back in time and give it to my younger self cause i would have loved it back then or now even! Well done!
Jed and Maurissa have tweeted about this as well =)

This is so awesome! My brother has the Mario Bros. old 8-bit tune as his ringtone, I'm going one better and gonna have Dr Horrible's Laundry Day. ;-) Love this!
This is much better than I thought it would be.
I think it's brilliance has ruined my ability to speak. That Big love in a small 8-bit.
Oh wow, truly brilliant.
I'm trying to remember what NES or SNES game this reminds me most of (yeah, I know, graphics-wise it's an NES game. Or Sega Master System, if that was your thing). Sure, it's a little bit Zelda, but it's even closer to something else...Ohhh, maybe the original Dragon Warrior and its first few sequels ? (called "Dragon Quest" in Japan--and eventually here, when they stopped insisting on using "Warrior" instead of "Quest"). Yeah, it's way more Dragon Warrior than Zelda, in look and menu format.

Very cool, looking forward to the rest.
Frickin' awsome.
This has got a lot of coverage. This might be the most publicised Whedonverse fan work to date.
It well deserves it. It's probably one of the very best Whedonverse fan efforts to date ever. It was giggling good fun, and I look forward to its continuation, if the (assuredly) tired creator(s) recuperate enough from making this installment.

Seriousfully. As Joss might well say, I give it forty eight billion stars.
Very awesome-sauce
Dragon Warrior. The sound file for the stairs is directly from Dragon Warrior. In fact, they still use that sound file for DS Dragon Warrior games (including Rocket Slime).

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