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April 06 2010

Trailer for 'The Expendables' featuring Charisma Carpenter. She appears at the 1:40 mark.

Here's the trailer for "The Expendables," starring Stallone, Ahnuld, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Eric Roberts, Jet Li, Jeremy Statham...

You can glimpse CC macking on Statham at the 1:40 mark. (She plays his girlfriend.)

Awesome trailer, Sly brings the testosterone, after watching this movie you'll shout "huh huh, me man!" and then you'll proceed to pound your chest in a manly manner.

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This is such a brief flash that Charisma is virtually unrecognizable. This movie looks to be pretty violent and throws together just about every action star ever to be in the movies. Not my kind of movie. Was that Arnold S. I saw too? Good for Charisma though. She gets to work with some high profile actors. This is sure to look good on her resume.
I know it's a brief flash, but I'm still glad she made the testosterone-overloaded trailer. I just shot her an email to make sure she knew, LOL. CC's response: "Cool!"
Jason Statham is ONE LUCKY MAN
How do you know Charisma, MattMtvg?
J Linc: Soem of us here (not I) know 1 or more of the celebs we follow. I'd call that a personal thing.
Ok -- this movie seems to have pretty much each and every cool action guy I remember from my younger days. And a Swede!
Even though Charisma wasn't heavily featured per se -- I still saw her, and it is what I call a "big" movie -- with expensive effects and a crazy cast. So, good for you, Charisma!!

DaddyCatALSO -- that's just weird.
How manly.

Thank god Charisma was kissing the most age appropriate of the bunch. After Crazy Heart and Wolfman I have to brace myself for gross out romantic casting.
Seriously, this movie looks awesome. If someone told me that The Expendables was not filmed, but instead the result of dipping several reels of 35mm into a vat of pure testosterone, I'd be inclined to believe them. I mean, Jet Li vs. Dolph Lundgren? That justifies a ticket right there. And Charisma is the icing on the cake.
Carnelionne: I normally enjoy being called weird, since I am, but I was being serious. If anyone here knows a celeb personally, so be it; I think it's intrusive to question them on it.
But this does look good. Too bad she doesn't get poster credits.
TO J LINC: I've interviewed Charisma many, many a time over the years, and as a result we have become pals on the side. She's very sweet.

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