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April 06 2010

(SPOILER) Buffyfest advanced review of Buffy Season 8 #34. They got to read it early.

Sounds like it's going to be a doozy.

"Oh, and one other thing: Buffy? I guess she's done baking because her and Angel are making cookies like there's no tomorrow. By the way: it's possible that there actually is no tomorrow."

I love this line and I can't for the life of me explain why.
Oh come on!! It's not fair to just dangle it in our faces with a big spoiler heading and no details other than the pic we already got...I have no patience and the waiting is killing me!! AGH!!!!
Let me guess - the number of Hellmouths depends on the number of slayers.
Moscow Watcher...that was quite an interesting assessment...if you're right then...HELLS YEAH THAT'S AWESOME!!!
Well it does give spoilery hints at stuff so I figured a spoiler warning was a good idea.
Sorry that wasn't a complaint about you...i understand that it contains spoilers for the unspoiled...but I'm like a spoiler addict right now so i need great was more of a self reflexive anger...sorry for the confusion!!
I've always been a spoiler addict.Still am.I go nuts with the current shows I watch just like I did with Buffy and Angel when it was on the air.
*assuming crash position*

Thanks for the hints, I'm intrigued.
Based on Jeanty covers for 35 and 37, I'd say that Buffy should have turned down the heat on her Easy-Bake-Bangel oven as the cookies don't seem to have been such a hit.
Now I'm imagining Xander and Willow desperately trying to claw the bad cookie taste off their tongues while Buffy looks on, sad that no one likes her cookies of doom.

Then Angel admits that he probably should have taken it easy with all the belts.

[ edited by project bitsy on 2010-04-07 00:35 ]
Hey, at least this issue will apparently involve him taking all of those belts off or Buffy taking them off for him. If we're lucky, he'll lose at least two of them and we will never see them again.
Why, those lucky ducks! Can't wait to get my hands on this issue tomorrow. Gah! The wait is driving me crazy!
Wait a minute...whats with all the Twilight belt hate?
Jighooligan...i agree...i'm a belt fan in general...sometimes in the morning i can't decide which one to wear...clearly Twangel had this problem...but he found a satisfactory resolution...good for him...although i'm sure Buffy was kinda pissed/tired by the end of taking them off...
Wait a minute...whats with all the Twilight belt hate?

He has 3 of them and it's not a good look!
And hey BlueSkies, full stops make for a much better reading experience.
Sorry, I'm a fan of ellipses, cause they're just so under used, like the three belt look. And didn't Summer Glau wear two at a time in T:SCC? or am I hallucinating?
Summer Glau can wear as many belts as she wants. She's Summer Glau. Twilight is no Summer Glau....
Summer Glau is a twig - she needs those belts to keep her clothes from wandering off. Twilight, not so much.
OK, I'm officially freaked out about issue #34...what kind of twisty goodies will be in store for us? JOSS!!! *fist shaking in the air* lol.
I feel like Brad's arc is saying "Hey, everybody? You're totally screwed. I've got to go but, here, I'll let Joss explain to you just exactly how screwed you really are."

Bitsy, I like the way that was written. :)
Let me guess - the number of Hellmouths depends on the number of slayers.

Ooooh. What an interesting theory.
As someone who can't resist clicking SPOILER links even though they're clearly marked SPOILER, thanks to the authors for not revealing whatever happens =p
okay i just read it and seriously...... wow. Possibly the most epic thing to ever have Joss' name on it.
Are you messing with us tedley?
What tedley! How?!? Is it your birthday too?
Looks like my prepared reaction of 'HOLY SHIT!' might not be sufficient!
You prepared reaction should be for the 'HOLIEST OF SHIT!'.

[ edited by Vergil on 2010-04-07 12:31 ]
Arghh! I hate the fact that I have to wait until TOMORROW to get this (and yes I realise that many will have to wait longer).

I'm very much in the 'wait and see' camp when it comes to my judgement on this story, but as someone whose entry into the Jossverse was via a love for the 'Angel' show, and the character of Angel first and foremost, each issue has me anxious (and excited) to the degree that I have never been this spoiler hungry! Each passing issue could condemn or redeem my favourite character...

I have always perceived Angel's journey as a metaphor for the struggles of adult life in the same way the early seasons of Buffy reflected that of a teenager.

This may get maudlin, so avert your eyes if necessary...

As I entered my 20s and found my principles challenged by the uncertainty that comes from realising that there is no grand plan in which our actions matter, that there is no reward for trying to live a 'good life', I drew strength from Angel's example....enough to realise that no matter what had happened to me or what I had done wrong in a moment of weakness, no matter how much self-pity I was wallowing in....I had no excuses for giving up on trying to be my best. 'To live as though the world were the way it ought to be' etc :)

Thing is....I'm not sure Angel deserves to get another chance after Twilight, and it would be sad to have him be defined by, as I believe someone on Slayalive put it to Scott Allie, his weakness rather than what he does about it.

I know that many are worried that Buffy's status as a feminist icon could be undermined by this story, and I understand and sympathise....cos I've got my inspirational hero, and he's at risk too.

[ edited by Alex_Jamieson on 2010-04-07 12:41 ]
I, for one, have never really gotten into comics in general - but this, this has gotten me psyched out beyond belief. Hopefully my local comic book store has the issue in by tomorrow. The early reactions are enough to colour me extremely excited.

Alex_Jamieson, I agree completely. The implications of the events to come, though unknown in nature, will no doubt affect both characters for better or for worse. That's the beautiful thing about it though (not the fallout) - that after all these years, an almost dormant spark has been ignited in the fandom. I wasn't around when the series was running, but I imagine there hasn't been hype of this proportion since its ending. So personally, I'm incredibly excited :)
Hmmmm, I usually disagree with Buffyfest so odds are I'll hate it but it will change a lot of things and get me overly worked up. I'm in Florida so I'm not sure if I'm gonna go on an epic quest for a comic book store or wait until Friday or Saturday when I come home...
I don't think there's ever a situation where someone doesn't deserve another chance provided they can prove they deserve it. I don't really think anyone is ever truly beyond redemption, they just have to want it.
Actually, no one over at Buffyfest even expressed an opinion as to whether we liked it or not for you to disagree with, KaileeA42. I do think you're right when you say "it will change a lot of things and get me overly worked up," though.

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