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April 06 2010

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin interview. Interview by bloggers Tom and Lorenzo, formerly of Project Rungay, who became fans of the show through Morena's character's sartorial style.

Very, very slight spoilers.

"Formerly"? Project Rungay is alive and well.
True, but now they are called Tom and Lorenzo, since they do a lot more than just Project Runway reviews
I'm still having fun with V, even though the four-month break after only four episodes aired last November was ridiculous (I know, production delays--which was another sorta worrying thing to hear about. Angel's Jeffrey Bell isn't a part of the show anymore at all, is he?). Dunno if the break-neck, feels-like-2-or-3-eps-are-squished-into-one pace of the fifth episode from last week is the right thing for the show, but then again, it's only a mini-series (or a trilogy of mini-series, if it manages to get renewed twice. I remember reading that they wanted three mini-seasons to tell the whole tale).

While the dialogue may not always be superb, the acting is right on from almost the entire cast, IMO. Morena is a huge reason I'm loving the show (haven't seen tonight's new ep yet). Pretty much all the actors portraying "V"s have been excellent. I like Elizabeth Mitchell way more as Juliet on Lost, so I'm hoping FBI agent Erica sparks some more interst in me. Scott Wolf is promising as reporter Chad Decker, but I've liked him in other stuff too (Go, TV series Action and Party of Five).

I like the priest, but I like Joel Gretch in everything (from Taken--the iffy Spielberg alien abduction series from several years ago--to his bit role on United States of Tara last year, to some of the other small roles I've seen him in. Really need to buy the complete set of The 4400 and finally check that out).

Too bad Alan Tudyk's characters couldn't have lasted longer.
I actually generally enjoyed the cast when I've seen them before, but short of Morena, that guy who looks like Michael J Fox, and a few of the non-regulars (such as Tudyk) there's something sort of infuriating or disappointing about the acting.

I do wonder to some extent how much of that might be the writing though. (Like Erica's son does a perfectly fine job I suppose, but his character is unbelievably annoying and a little stupid at that.) However, I have noticed too that I liked Mitchell way more on Lost but there's something unusual going here where even basic sentences she says come off a little weird to me.

I do sort of enjoy the fact that Morena always comes across fairly lovely though. It even seems like she brings a little of the character with her by really responding to whatever the perceived demographic each interview is going to. For one, it does actually answer some questions I had about the hairstyle. (Though I do wonder exactly how much theory went into the construction of that power suit she always wears.)
Yeah, that's why I said "the acting is right on from almost the entire case". I agree with you there. To be fair to more annoying characters like Tyler though, it could just be the writing. They could've probably found a more interesting way to do the "petulant/rebellious teen son" character, but it would have to be in the hands of more capable writers. Or maybe Tyler was network-mandated, in which case it really shows.

Morena's excellent in interviews, yeah.

Heh, re: her hairstyle, I remember when a lot of folks on here (and probably elsewhere online) made a big deal about her chopping off her long hair. It really suits her on V though, she looks really cool with it. While still beautiful, it almost seems like they intentionally cast her for looking potentially-female-reptilian in this case.

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