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November 17 2003

Tony Head interview. "You've got an American lilt going there. Have I? I hope somebody beats it out of me very, very soon."

His new show "Reversals" may picked up by BBC America but I'll certaintly be tuning on Wednesday to see what it's like.

So ASH is doing a series. In England. Well that should just make him all available-y for AtS appearances. Hmph. Don't the Scoobies know that they must be available at all times for Joss' call? ;)
Permission to beat, sir?
Does BBC-A do ITV stuff? I get it, so you'd think I'd know, but I thought it was all strictly from the Beeb.
I'm guessing most productions can be liscenced to whoever wants to air them. Something like four or five percent of their revenue comes from renting them out...
Well they showed Graham Norton's show on BBC America and that was on Channel 4 here.
OK, I didn't know he wasn't BBC. That's good news!

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