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April 06 2010

Jane Espenson returns to her blog. Jane looks like she's going to resume her writing blog, at least for a little while, to continue sharing writing tips. Also, lunch.

I'm pretty ecstatic. Her site used to be my #1 source for writing advice. Welcome back, Jane :)

Woot! She tweeted at me last week and I almost melted.
Oh yeah, I once got a letter posted on her blog and I was thrilled. She's my writing heroine.
And on my birthday too! Best.Present.Ever.
Oh, that is nifty news.

Not only is Jane's writing advice mightily insightful & word-loving, most of it can do double-duty as life advice.

She's a smart and funny lady - I've missed Her Blogginess in long form.

ETF: typomania

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Welcome back, Jane!

I've missed her blog so much.

Woooot! Clearly she saw how excited we all were when we heard that Joss had had lunch. And now Jane's having lunch too?!?!? I'm not sure if my mind can process the epic-ness of this info. Should the lunch have it's own post? It's own site maybe?? Who might be next to have lunch??? So many questions. So few answers. (Now I'll have something to do once "Lost" ends). Yay!
She is so right about Community.
I met Jane on the picket line and, after I threatened to fight her for her jacket if it started raining, she remembered a question I had emailed her about a year earlier. She couldn't remember the question, and neither could I, but remembered that the answer was Doublemeat Palace.
Lovely person and a great writer. I'll definitely be checking her blog.

Thankfully the rain never came so violence didn't ensue.
She is so right about Community.

She really is, best new comedy in years IMO. It walks the meta-line without falling over it and walks the schmaltz-line (largely) without falling over it. Basically, it walks the line. It's the Johnny Cash of comedy.

There're very few (no ?) bad episodes but my faves are probably the Halloween party, the "With Very Special Guest Star - Jack Black !" episode, the pottery one and the hilarious pool class ep. - best send-up of the gruff mentor/rebellious-student-who-learns-how-to-be-a-better-person EVER IMO. Good jokes, genuine wit and self-awareness all rolled into comedy fried gold.

And *sighs contentedly* Jane's having lunch (and dropping pearls of wisdom) once again. All's right with the world (OK, apart from the wars and poverty and so on but I feel like we now have a solid platform to tackle those from).

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Great. She is an amazing writer.
And, happy birthday madmolly.
Yay Jane, your blog has been missed. Even thought I've never seen Community and as a vegetarian, the thought of a hot dog is not my favorite thing. ;)
This is glad news. I've visited Jane's blog so many times over the last year and a half hoping she'd resume posting - and now, hooray!

I also was fortunate to walk the picket lines a bit with Jane and thoroughly enjoyed our chats. She is such a warm, compassionate, personable, intelligent person. She made me feel valuable; her insights into my own creative endeavors were certainly so.

I'm not usually such an effusive fan, but Jane Espenson rocks! (And I for one love Caprica. So there.)
Happy news. So nice to have her blog back on the list.

Completely agree about Community, too. My favorite since Arrested Development. Haven't quite figured out why I like it so much more than most other comedies, but it has something to do with how they play with so much more than family/romantic relationships. And probably what Saje said about walking lines.
God, what I would give to have Jane write an episode of Community.
Adding my hosannas to the general praise for Community. I haven't laughed out loud so much since the early years of Scrubs. It's showing in England already, Saje?

And it'll be nice to have Jane back. I used to read her regularly.
It's showing in England already, Saje?

Not yet, no. *coughs, shuffles somewhat sheepishly*

(i'll be buying it on DVD though so in a sense it's just kind of like very time-shifted)
You might have Restless Cough Syndrome, Saje - I think there's a pill for that now. Or maybe just an app.
Or a schnapps. You still have the cough you just don't care as much.

(surprised Steve Jobs hasn't spotted that gap in the market and launched an overpriced, underspecced, proprietary fermented fruit based alcoholic beverage and then sued anyone who's ever had a drink for patent infringement)
Wow, a little bitter(s) to go with your schnapps, Saje? ;-)
Pfft, sure, I don't have an iPhone. Luckily, despite still thinking they're a pretty neat idea and kind of wanting one quite a lot, I have totally removed that emotional consideration from my cool-headed, balanced, even-handed consideration of that bastard Jobs and his 400-without-a-SIM-card price point !

Ahem ;).

(they are getting a bit lawsuit happy at the moment though. Just goes to show, all that separates a plucky underdog from a monopoly abusing, patent wielding Microsoft wannabe is, well, success)
Steve Jobs is very fortunate in that he has a private jet and was thus able to quickly fly across the country on a moment's notice to receive a much needed liver transplant. I would love to read in the news of him providing other potential organ recipients with the use of his plane for this purpose. I do not, however, expect this to happen. I say this not as criticism, per se.

ETA - Sorry, this is way off topic. Mea culpa and no more.

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Thats great news! Janes blog was my little comfy blanket on the web :)
Jane is awesome. She should follow Joss' lead and direct some episodes she's written.

And her blog is very informative, witty and warm. I'd love to meet her someday.
For some reason I think she's already been asked that sort of thing MCJW, and just like with showrunning it seems like she feels more comfortable with the actual writing side?

And joining in on the Community love-- I only saw the first four or five episodes (before I missed one or two and couldn't bear the idea of starting midstream) but I did end up really quite enjoying it.

While I also enjoy Glee (the other beloved freshman comedy of this year I think?) and have seen every episode of that, I still always felt that Community did a better job of fleshing out its ensemble cast and playing with their different dynamics in about three episodes of roughly 22 minutes compared to eight episodes at 44 minutes of Glee. (That even seems true of Glee's whole 13 episodes.)

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