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April 07 2010

Nathan Fillion: I'll leave it to people who can handle the stress. Interview with Nathan Fillion about Castle and his former roles.

Always fun to read an interview with Nathan. Never knew he was on a soap. It's quite nice that he's so kind towards both us and Joss.
I don't know why but I really really liked that interview. The questions were well chosen and he answered them seriously and interestingly. I especially agree with his last answer about the American media.
I liked that he called us levelheaded and passionate....and that we are way better than soap fans....
I never pick up the Metro on the days when its most interesting! Great interview.
I adore the man now even more than I did before, for his kind words about Buffy/Firefly fans. Thank you, Nathan!
Groosalugg, you really need to find a youtube interview of Nathan where he tells his "boot camp of acting" story about One Life to Live. When he was doing promotion (I think for Waitress) he told a story about the secret to dealing with end of scene closeups. He told it several times on some daytime shows like Regis. It is really funny because it is soo true.
The interview was nice, but I got the feeling it was highly edited. Not the content, but the way it was said. Nathan's usually full of jokes and asides and the interview was very serious and straightforward. It was like an edited Joss interview.

The content was nice, though. I did know he was on One Life to Live, but I never saw it.
"No, they’re level-headed and intelligent and passionate about the shows."

D'aw, no need to lie like that, Nathan, but we appreciate the flattery.

Seriously, though, I think one of my favorite things about the Whedonverse is how many of the actors appreciate the fanbase, and vice versa. It's a nice big cozy feeling.
I'm watching the S1 premiere on Alibi here in the UK. It's not a ground breaking show but Nathan really does steal every scene.
Keep watching it, Simon. The writing gets better, as does the depth and rapport of the characters. You're gonna end up really liking it! :D
I will be tuning to see more. Is the first series stand alone episodes or is there an overall arc of shape or fashion?
There is a bit of an arc having to do with Stana's character mostly. It is next to non-existent.
And every time it starts to get interesting they back away from it pretty much immediately. It's a fun show but it's very much a traditional procedural in that characters develop quite slowly (if at all) and you can jump in anywhere without missing much.
But if you just jump in you will miss much in the way of Fillion being his funny self! I do kinda like the show, but he really makes it a must watch. And the Halloween browncoat five minute nod? He made that happen people. This guy is awfully nice, and appreciative to his fanbase! (Who are in NO way creepy.)To make my post longer: I just want to support him and his career, because he has been super nice about the fandom, etc. And if this gets him a paying gig, so be it. And I think he will be on board for Dr. H2 if schedules permit. I highly respect the guy.
Yeah, seems like a top bloke (inasmuch as you can ever say that of anyone you've never met and only experienced through mediated channels).

And true, you'd miss stuff in that sense. "Won't have any trouble following the episodes" is a better way of putting what I said.
Its nice to see the public acknowledgment of Joss helping his career. Always nice to see people giving credit to those who helped people get to where they are.

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