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April 07 2010

(SPOILER) Behind the scenes with Glee - featuring Joss and Neil. As seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Bryan Ryan. Yeah, I laughed.
Almost as funny as Bob Loblaw. Almost.
Quinn dancing with that baby belly is hysterical!
I just like seeing Joss say "action." Regardless of the television show...
Excited!! Set my DVR :)
I am very exited to see this.
I think Joss pretty much said it all. Because, after all, that is the essence of drama.
Is it just me, or does Cory Monteith sound a bit like Josh Radnor of HIMYM (just in this video, not in Glee)? He also looks a bit like him, too.
I am really excited about this, and very happy that the 'Glee' cast is excited about working with NPH, but shouldn't they be more excited about working with Joss?!?!
I'd be more excited about working with NPH. 'cos, NPH! On Glee!

Which isn't do down Joss, 'cos it's like a double awesome day at the office.
They are excited about Joss, especially since Cory - Who said it about NPH - was already quoted before about gushing on Whedon's directing. I don't think they are too spoiled to realize the awesomeness that is Joss.

But yeah, this is going to be so super fantastic. I might just get a DVR for this specifically.

Looks like the cast was just as excited having Neil and Joss on set as we all have been. Can't wait for the episode!
Just spent for ages watching these videos it was quite a shock for me, a manly man of a man, being almost in tears towards the end of that Q&A video. That entire 10 minute Q&A segment was like watching an episode of Glee; uncontrollable joy and happiness swiftly followed by painful realism, then happiness again~~!

...Oh, of course, I did indeed squee at Joss directin' New Directions as well.
Eee! I squeed when Joss flashed across my screen. Cannot wait for this episode!
Just watching all of Glee now for the first time. When is Joss's episode airing?

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I could not stop cracking up when I saw Bryan Ryan.
I squeed at Neil saying "New Directions". Then giggled.

It's been nearly a year since the pilot first aired and I still giggle at "New Directions".
I think Joss's will be the 6th episode after they start back up next week, so that'd put it at May 26th. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Can't wait for it to begin again next week. Repeated viewings got me seriously addicted to this show.
Oh man, I was so excited to see they were behind the scenes for THAT episode. I only wished there had been more Joss. Two quick shots were just not enough.
I'm mildly surprised no one mentioned like "Working with Joss is awesome!" or anything. They just showed him doing his deal, no testimonials, no nothing. Sad times.
But I guess that harkens back to that one interview forever ago about Joss directing the Office where he said something along the lines of he wants to be the invisible director in these sorts of situations and not 'Oh my god, it's the Joss Episode! It looks totally different from the rest of the season!'- kind of thing. Which I get.

... I just figured someone would be geeking out to be working with Joss asides from NPH.
Re the non-Joss excitement:

Could be that they filmed the first day NPH was there, versus many days with Joss, so Neil was all shiny and new. Plus - editing.
I also expect that a larger proportion of the audience for the Opera show would know who Neil Patrick Harris is, opposed to Joss. I imagine the questions asked were geared towards NPH rather than Joss and the bits about the director may well have been cut because most people wouldn't be interested.

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