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April 08 2010

Buzzy Multimedia interviews Amber Benson and Adam Busch, Part 1. In the video interview they talk about making "Drones". There is a part 2 as well.

Just realised they're together. That's nice.
Yeah, they've been a couple for a while. Irony is sometimes ironic like that.
But...but....he KILLED her.
Yeah, but Angel did the same with a lot of slayers and Buffy didn't cared ;)
There was whole chapter in Reading the Vampire SLayer called "they Always Confuse Me With the Character I Play." An error I try to avoid making.*

However, I still find this a cute pairing : partly because I love irony to an unhealthy degree, and partly because I have a major celeb crush on Amber and I think Adam resembles me a little so it's the closest I'll ever get.

* Altho I do it in reverse. In my fics, especially the post-resurrection ones, I sometimes write Tara to sound too much like the real Amber.

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