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November 17 2003

Tony Head voted favourite to play Doctor Who in a poll by the UK TV listings magazine 'Radio Times' and the man himself admits that he would be a logical choice to play the new Doctor.

And there's Ian Richardson popping up again. If Tony didn't get it, Ian would be great and very like the first Doctor. Any Doctor Who fans here care to comment?

And it's not the first time Tony's been associated with this role as you can see here and here.

I'm not as big of a fan as some, but I enjoyed the show when I watched it -- I would love to see ASH play the part, if only because it might help it do well in getting funding and support in addition to the fan base that already exists.
Paul McGann is a perfectly good Eighth Doctor. Has been since 1996, especially in the audio plays. Let him do it.

Although ASH would also be a good choice. And willing if the Excelcis series is anything to go by.
When it heard about plans for a new Doctor, my heart said, "Tony Head" but I demurred, and told no one. More fool me.

BTW did anyone else catch Mr. Head's turn on MI-5 (Spooks in the UK)? Masterful, no pun intended.

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