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April 08 2010

Happy Birthday Emma Caulfield. Don't forget to wish a Vengeance Demon happy birthday, best to be on her good side?

Vengeance wishes and and happy revenging. Happy B-Day Emma!

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Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday,
Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Anya Lame-ass-made-up-maiden-name Harris! Emma, you were our favorite vengeance demon, turned human, turned vengeance demon ever. I hope you ave a great day.
Happy Birthday!

I loved Xander and Anya. I wish they had never broken up. Can that be granted in a non-Hell's Bells kind of way?
Gotta dance, gotta sing, gotta rock vintage clothing--Happy Birthday, Emma Caulfield!
Happy birthday!
I met Emma at the SFX con in Toronto and she was very kind and funny and personable. And of course we all know how talented she is. Happy birthday Emma!

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