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"But you, REALLY got under my skin."
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April 08 2010

Sunny and the Dales - "Buffy Bufferson". An original song by a very original couple of singers! Once again it is late and I'm searching youtube for Whedon goodness, and I find something truly silly... almost ridiculous. I think you will all enjoy the argument of canon (at least I did).

ha loved it.
LOL. That was cute.
That was totally cute and amusing.
Hahaha that was so charmingly geeky, I loved that. It put a smile on my face.

[ edited by JAYROCK on 2010-04-09 07:37 ]
That was cute.
Meanwhile, when some guy posted a link to my slightly cheese man-inspired rap song some time ago, it was instantly deleted. I smell genre prejudice. Or maybe using quotes for chorus isn't enough (in which case this or this might have more relevant references). Or maybe I just suck terribly.

[ edited by GreatMuppetyOdin on 2010-04-09 10:45 ]
@GreatMuppetyOdin - or the admins had a prejudice against the poster (note: I don't know who the poster was). The site's always managed to find some silly way of appearing corrupt from time to time. It's sad, really.
If you do have valid concerns, do email us about it.

And WhedonTrivia, I seem to remember us letting you back in after you got banned a couple of years ago for sockpuppetry abuse. You may consider that rescinded.
@GreatMuppetyOdin - hey, liked the raps. I used to rap but now I don't. Oh, and you did the Linkara theme? Awesome!

Is someone having problems to find a date for prom night?
@twainbrain Thanks! Yeah, I did the AT4W theme. I did The Reverend on the Dr. Horrible DVD too, for the ELE contest.

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