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April 09 2010

Wonderflonium makes The Periodic Table of Imaginary Elements. See all of the amazing table created by Russell Walks by clicking here.

Thanks to Asher for the heads up.

This is AWESOME! 'Course I'm biased because Russ is a good friend of mine. He's also a former Angel cover artist
and did such an excellent Buffy triptych a few years back
that Joss himself bought it from him at Comic Con a few years back. Check out his website.
Hah! Gold. Big props for Dalekanium too.
Bassnium!? From Megaman!? YEA!!!!!
I love that the symbol is "JW"!
Snazzy idea, well executed. Wish I could make out all the details. I wanted to look up the literary source of Orichalcum--that's Greek for some kind of copper alloy. I think of Kryptonite as an imaginary compound of a real element. Finally spotted Unobtanium, here credited to a movie but known to me from a 1980's Iron Horse magazine story about a guy trying to replace parts on his vintage motorcycle.

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There is a larger version but it's still not that easy to make out the littler details. Much kudos to the artist though, it's really inspired.
I wounder if this was motivated by the recent BBC great mini-series Chemistry: A Volatile History.
I want a T-Shirt with just the Jw-Wonderflonium graphic. Truly inspired and well done work!
Hey, I bought this thing two weeks ago at Toronto Comic Con! I also bought a foam board with sketches of Spike Angel and Illiria. Because I was buying two things it was $20 each instead of $25. I was quite excited when I saw the sketches and there was a post-it note on it that said "Last One" so I didn't hesitate. I barely looked at the Periodic Table before I decided to buy it too. I should probably do that and find something that will not damage my wall while holding it up. I put the sketches above a shelf. I think Magicite was the one I saw first, but he pointed out unobtainium because Avatar is where most people know it from. I mentioned I'd heard it in other things and he said scientist actually use the term when referring to some compound that's almost non-existent or only theoretical.
This was the first time I bought art (as in something you do nothing but look at) and it was directly from the artist.
I love this!

But what about Mithril?

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Mithril? Good question. I suspect mithril is either titanium or an alloy of some kind.

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