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April 09 2010

"Bones" 100th episode gives FOX decent numbers. The one hundredth episode of "Bones" gave FOX good numbers, up from last week's 2.4 demo rating.

I know we don't usually post ratings unless it's a Joss show, but I figured since it was the 100th episode?

I really enjoyed the episode, but was disappointed at the ending. Why must TBTB keep yanking the romance chain like they do? Either put them together or don't. On a more positive note, Mr. Boreanaz is exceptional at delivering emotion. Kudos to you, sir.
I like the will they/won't they. I adds something to the show. I'm glad they didn't get together, though. I'm looking forward to the wedding finale, as I'm wondering who it'll be getting married! D:
I thought it would hit a 3.0. It only hit a 2.7? While this is "decent", it's pretty disappointing for all the promotion that was done for it. David appeared on American Idol to promote the show, and the episode was over-hyped. It should have done better, imo.
I'm just glad it had sustaining numbers cause if not...well I'd be sad. So YAY! I'm happy enough.
And I myself liked the ending cause in my opinion, when they both realize it and come to the middle together, it'll be all the sweeter.
Frick, isn't that going to be Sweets/Daisy, since he proposed in the last episode, or would that be a too short engagement for them?
I didn't realize Bones was treading in deep waters...
Nocticola, good point. Completely forgot at them. D:
iwearthecheese, Bones is in absolutely no danger whatsoever and hasn't been. Nothing to fear with this show. It is on no bubble and is a strong contender to go several more seasons. Don't let anyone tell you differently. It is consistently the 2nd highest rated show (and sometimes the 1st) on the toughest and most lucrative night of television.
Good to know Tamara, thanks. Just thought it was curious that ratings were being brought up about it at all. I just hope the writers can pull off whichever direction they are taking booth and bones in.
iwearthecheese, I'm slightly echoing TamaraC here, but Bones has been FOX's highest rated performer on Thursday nights in years.
FYI everyone, Bones went up in the finals. It rated 2.8/9 A18-49.

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