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April 09 2010

(SPOILER) Eureka boss reveals which Whedon alum she'd like on the show. Amy Berg says she'd love to have Felicia Day, Mark Sheppard and Nathan Fillion guest (interview is spoilerish for upcoming episodes).

I'm not surprised she'd have Mark Sheppard, I guess he made a good impression on her when they worked together on Leverage.
When I glanced at the headline, my first reaction was - but Mark's already been on that show - and then I realized I was thinking Warehouse 13 - because I had Jewel and Sean's recent tweets on my brain.

I'd love to see Mark on the show, but I want to see him in a role that is a bit different than what we've seen him in lately.

Plus - love Amy Berg's comment about Nathan. That's how we roll...
I love Eureka, and I wouldn't think it is that hard to get Felicia Day or Mark Sheppard (Nathan is probably pretty busy).
Isn't Day, Sheppard, and Fillion all Canadians? Is that why the Eureka producers got rid of Ed Quinn...he wasn't Canadian!?!
How about some of these Syfy show producers hire some Whedonverse actors that are unemployed from the States for once!
Felicia Day was born in Alabama according to her wiki entry.

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