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April 09 2010

Dr Horrible comic available for iPhone/iPod/iPad now. It's written by Zack, and it's currently in the top 100 app downloads. Top ten, anybody?

Is this new material or the comic that was previously released?
Aren't you a little late? I've had it for a couple weeks now.
Yeah, I checked back and I can't see it posted by anybody else.
Is it a true 1024x768 resolution iPad version? Or is it just the iPhone app with pixel-doubling? (I would prefer the former. I think it is the latter. I'll wait and see, thanks.)

But the top 100 apps thing is good to hear. Are Dark Horse beating Marvel and IDW in the comic book apps stakes at the moment.
It's iPhone/iPod resolution (I think).

And I saw that Simon, but it didn't link to the comic as it wasn't out then. That's my excuse anyhoo.
Are Dark Horse beating Marvel and IDW in the comic book apps stakes at the moment.

Marvel have made a huge jump recently, with their dedicated Marvel iPad app with its own storefront (you buy comics in-app, instead of Dark Horse's "buy an app for each comic" which is obviously stupid in the long run). Here's a review -- it looks pretty awesome.

The app itself is based on another company's software; I think Marvel are just licensing it, so there's no reason Dark Horse couldn't do something similar. Personally speaking a lot of the comics I read are Dark Horse (Buffy, SW: Legacy) so I'd love to see something from Dark Horse of the same calibre as the Marvel app.
Hahaha I'd thought this horse had already leapt from the stable. I've had it a good long while. :)

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