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April 09 2010

Inara's reaver-fightin' Bow and Arrow set from Serenity is on the auction block. Looking for the perfect weapon to defend yourself in the event of a zombie apocalypse? This might just be the ticket! The auction ends on April 12.

The auction is for Inara's Hero Bow and Arrows (Hero Arrow and 2 additional arrows) used by Morena Baccarin in Serenity. They both come with a Certificate Of Authenticity from the Prop Store of London. Inara's black and red bow and arrow were eventually replaced in the final cut of the movie with a more modern CGI weapon. However, you can still see these props in several scenes within the movie.

I'd so like to have a version of Serenity where this is her weapon...
The listing expired without any bids, so it's been re-listed at substantially reduced price. It was originally $1050 opening bid and $1400 Buy It Now, and it's now $700 opening bid and $775 Buy It Now.

Please, someone buy it so that I can stop refreshing the auction page and mourning over my lack of funds!

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