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November 17 2003

From "Normal Again" To The Day Of The Dead One-shot Buffy scribe Diego Guiterrez has a film in the works.

I'm sure there has been a film set during Dia de Los Muertos before, but perhaps not in the US. It's one of the things that I'm fascinated by, so I'd see it. Much like if I movie is set in Chicago I feel obligated to see it. Okay, I passed on that silly Lance Bass flick "On the Line", but that's about it.
I'm sure it's for your own health that you passed up 'On The Line'. I also think that Diego Guiterrez used to be Joss's assistant if I'm not mistaken. I always hoped he'd write more for the Buffyverse since Normal Again was one of my season 6 favorites.
yes mindpieces diego was joss' assitant. he was also the voice of the spanish speaking giles in "restless."
Didn't 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' partially take place during the Day of the Dead?
The film Under the Volcano takes place around the Day of the Dead as far as I can remember. Great film, great book.
MindPieces, I'm with you on Normal Again - LOVED that episode. I was surprised that he'd written just the one.
If I recall correctly, Pinata [aka; Demon Island, starring Nicholas Brendon] also took place on or somehow revolved around the Day of the Dead.
Oooooh boy was that Pinata movie bad! I suffered through it for good old Nick Brendon, but ouch, painful. I don't remember if it had any Day of the Dead affiliation though.

And if Diego no longer has the job as Joss's assistant, I'd like to submit my resume.
Of course this doesn't qualify as a film, but the recent episode "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" took place on The Day of the Dead.
For a long time I was convinced Diego Gutierrez didn't exist and it was a cover for Joss himself. Based on the strength of Normal Again, I suppose.
Giles speaks French in "Restless," not Spanish, but in an interviews and (IIRC) the DVD commentary for "Restless," Joss Whedon did confirm that Diego Gutierrez dubbed the French lines. I never understood why anyone would think he didn't exist--if any man needed an assistant from 1999-2003, it was Joss--he was juggling two to three shows, and overseeing how many writers?

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