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April 09 2010

New Dollhouse items up for auction. Fox continues its auctions of Dollhouse props and costumes. This weeks items include Echo's long leather coat (from the opening credits), Echo & Whiskey's gold dresses from their flashback scene in "Vows", Alpha's remote wipe device from "A Love Supreme", Ballard's "Keep looking" photo of Caroline, medical files for Caroline, Echo and Victor, and more. Lots of bargains to be had!

I want Enver's boots, I love them.

And if I was a girl i'd so be rockin' Eliza's Assassin outfit!
I want a piece of Topher wear.
Interesting that the "Echo Active File" looks the same as the "Ivy Active File" listed a couple of weeks ago, suggesting that she may well have been an Active...

Also, the pictures of the "Keep looking" photo show two slightly different "Caroline" writing on the back. So that's another case of a screen used prop that wasn't the only one. Maybe another Keep Looking photo will come up in a few weeks.

I'm waiting for Mr Printy. Or the entire Dollhouse set, though I suspect the postage cost to the UK may be an issue.
Love Echo's gold dress and her outfit from "Man on the Street". Especially the boots. Although I'm not sure how she managed to fight Paul in wedges.
I've been checking out Boyd's jacket supposedly from "Belonging", but the jacket pictured does not match the one shown in the screen capture. I went back to the episode and they are clearly not the same (the one Boyd is wearing in "Belonging" has a zipper that extends all the way up the sleeve). Does anyone know if Boyd wears the jacket on sale on-screen in another episode?
The full length leather coat is to die for. If only I was as petite as Eliza.
I bought the Amy Acker dress with the peacock(?) on it. She's so adorable! I wish I had some Fred memorabilia from "Angel."

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