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April 09 2010

Felicia Day VS Chad Vader. Chad Vader and Felicia Day face each other in a battle of will...or something like that.

Nice, entertaining little cross-promo YouTube vid for The Guild & Chad Vader.

hehe funny
I like it.
Anything that promotes the Guild can't be all evil.
I like Felicia, I really do. But I think I've just about overdosed on her at this point.
Personally, I can't get enough.
I can't get enough Felicia either. But somehow this was not satisfying at all. Although she radiated with her usual nice-ness. I think the writing was pretty uninspired.
I think this was amazing. And I don't think Felicia could ever do something uninspired. lots of Felicia haters, sad. If not a hater, then a def. nit-pickers or flaw-pointer-outers. Very sad, the lady is amazing and rocks the world of the net. Red head power - though I am a brunet - but will still give it up to the power that is the red head. Love Felicia, always.

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