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April 10 2010

In Ballard's Defence. A fan blog which considers the Dollhouse ending with reference to one of the show's central questions - what is a soul? And, as the post title suggests, has a positive take on Paul's fate.

At the end, beneath the featured article, the author has also done a recap/review of every episode beginning with "Ghost" all they way through to "Epitaph Two: The Return".

Just because I can't keep my mouth's defense. :)
[sorry, out of context]

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Re Defense. Oops-a-Daisy. It's me being a Brit. We spell it differently this side of the pond.

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Aye. We spell it the right way here in Blighty. Good essay actually but I wonder if it's ethical to keep Paul in her brain. As ever the show made sure the issue of consent was thereright at the end.
LOL. See? That's why I should keep my mouth shut!
I love Whedon fans. Language becomes all smiley faces with them.
ok i don't want to be a real dick about this but that essay would be a lot more enjoyable if the punctuation was better. just saying is all.

the essay itself has interesting points. I'm just a priss.
Any word at all when Dollhouse Season 2 DVD comes out? I know its off topic but I didn't know where I could ask. lol
We'll get news of it during SDCC.
Excellent, something new about Dollhouse to read (only had time for the first one, so far). In addition to the link to the impressions of a BtS virgin embarking on the journey for the first time, a very good day.

So soo sick of the recent "all comics all the time" stuff - finally, something that those of us who are me, actually find interesting.
Hi everyone, I'm the writer of the piece. First of all thanks for reading it. I just wanted to comment on some of the stuff I read.

To Simon:
That's one of the iffy things about it. I see it as basically making the best of a bad situation. His body is dead, but now Caroline/Echo or whatever she wanted to call herself has a backup of him. It isn't perfect, but she hasn't fully lost him completely. The Paul imprint seemed to be fine with it though.

To starbuck:
I'm guilty of terrible punctuation. Although I do like to think I'm improving on some level.

I had thought I saw a comment about why I referred to Echo as Caroline in the piece, but it seems to be missing now. That was because she was referring to herself as Caroline and so was everyone else. That was why I went with it there.
I really wish I had the money to get both seasons, since I missed so many episodes from both. (Stupid conversion. Stupid antenna for not being able to pick up anything other than NBC for two months.)

I'm tempted to read the article, but I don't want to be influenced in my thinking, in case I ever can get to see the whole series. (I'm already rather spoiled because I did get to see "Epitaph Two," but I'm really confused by a lot of what happened to the characters. When I'd last seen it, Paul was dead.)

Shey You're not the only one, believe me. I have an opinion on that issue (See what I did there?) but I might get in trouble if I voice it on the Black.
Hooray for the new Dollhouse related material! Thanks, GeekORage. I am looking forward to reading the back issues.

I very much agree with the point that if both Paul and especially Echo are happy about it, it's a happy ending regardless of whether I would consider it that if I was in a similar situation. I think a lot of people if presented with a choice of loosing a loved one completely or having them live in their head would go with the later.

On the Echo/Caroline issue, I thought she was referred to as Caroline only in Epitaph One. I am pretty sure that in the finale both herself and the others referred to her as Echo. The exception was in relation to mini Caroline, but the scenes in the beginning of Epitaph Two when it happened were filmed closer to Epitaph One before the show took a pretty firm stance that it's Echo now.
Alpert said: "I very much agree with the point that if both Paul and especially Echo are happy about it, it's a happy ending regardless of whether I would consider it that if I was in a similar situation."

I'm the same way -- as someone who watches Doctor Who as well, it almost reminds me of the time the duplicate (Tennant-era) doctor ends up with Rose in the alternate dimension.

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