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April 10 2010

Cultural Learnings - Buffy Catchup. Internet critic Myles McNutt begins his cultural catchup project with his first foray into the Buffyverse and weekly reviews.

(Smiles behind hand) You're in for a treat, yes you are! Now people, try not to spoil.
This is cool, because now I'll be able to read this guy's impressions of watching Buffy for the first time, while watching Buffy for the first time.
This is brilliant. BtS through new eyes, I'm so looking forward to following it. Thanks so much for posting this.
It looks like he really doesn't know much about the show too, with such comments as "I didnít mean to suggest that the show is suddenly going to break out of the high school setting entirely (although, Iím sure it happens eventually, there are seven seasons after all)." Should make this an exciting ride to see someone finding all those twist and turns for the first time.

Really good assessment of the opening episodes. I think the few problems he does have will probably become more of an issue as the first season progresses, as they linger right through. Once season 2 kicks in though, I doubt he would have any issues with production quality or rough edges.

I do slightly disagree with his statement of the show not being about high school, yet at the same time agreeing. I would say that the show as a whole is instead about the transition between being a teenager and becoming an adult, but that high school plays a significant part of that for many years. The high school is essential to the first three seasons, but not the only facet. Will be interesting to see how his thoughts on that issue develop as the series progresses.
Now, this is interesting, to see the show for the first time completely unspoiled, and through the lens of shows that have come after Buffy. I will be very interested in seeing how he views the development of this show.
This is fascinating. I can't wait for him to get into the Season 2 arc.
I'm incredibly excited to read his views on the series. Since I watched from the premiere it's been a long time since I've seen it with fresh (unbiased, Whedon-loving) eyes, so I can't wait to follow his journey through the entire series. I grin just thinking of what awaits him in season 2.
I really like this and am very excited to follow his thoughts. I just hope no idiot spoils all the good stuff for him. I watched the series on DVD and had a fair amount spoiled for me that I wish I could have been surprised about.
The link above takes the reader to McNutt's first review. There's an *Index* page that will update every time a new article is posted. He already has one for the next two episodes....and admits he can already feel the beginnings of the metamorphosis into a fan.

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This was a really interesting read. Being a fan of the show, I do have an appreciation of the pilot. I was only 7 when it premiered so I'm not sure what I would have thought of it if it was first episode of Buffy I saw.
I love reading others recaps of the series and seeing others POV's. Critically Touched is another recommended reading blog, some great insights on there.
I love this: a really intelligent insightful review by someone with no expectations. I'll want to continue reading, so I've bookmarked the site (now I hope he watches them all quickly though!).
So jealous! Wish I could experience Buffy as a Whedon newb all over again.

Bookmarking now. The reviewer is refreshingly thoughtful.
Lily is only 3 years older than Willow. ALyson is four years older than that. Or the toher way 'round, same difference.

SMG was only 19 whe it was filmed and retained more than enough baby fat to look like a dewy sophomore.

And in rterospect, "The Harvest" wasn't that big a menace comapred to "PG" and after

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