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April 11 2010

Eliza Dushku competes in the 3rd annual Nautica South Beach Triathlon. She finished the triathlon, which included a 1/2-mile swim, 19-mile bike trek, and a 4-mile run, in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Great pictures at the link.

how the heck did Joss Whedon make that tiny little girl look so powerful?
Uhm, she just finished a triathlon. And if there's one person I wouldn't mess with, it's Eliza.

(Also, Rick is massive).
he makes her look teensy tiny!! pretty impressive though to complete the race so props to them
Hee, lets see those muscles...eck, she could kick my ass! Very impressive.
The internet says Rick is six feet seven inches tall. He did not seem that big to me when he was on the basketball court.
im so jealous. I wish I was in that great of shape, i would collapse 5 minutes into running.
Could she be any more gorgeous?
Wow, a great achievement! Well done Eliza. I can't run a 100m without dying.
Great job. She finished in the fifth place
Wow. Amazing acheivement. I'm training for a charity 10k and suffering every second. How does she look so good?!
He's 15 inches taller? That's 2 more than I was over my ex.

Umm, it's hard to see in these shots; Rick *is* (not for any reason, I'm just curious) African-American, isn't he?

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