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April 11 2010

Felicia Day takes home another Streamy! For Best Female in a Comedy series.

The Guild also got the Streamy for Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series.

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Man that show was a train wreck, but congrats to Felicia!
Congrats to Felicia! (And bigger congrats for being encouraging on stage).
Congratz to Felicia!

But The Streamys this year was a complete fail. And I don't even mean the technical issues.
Heh I debated on whether or not to review the show at all. I sent a tweet to @streamyawards telling them it had the veneer of a broadcast show but half the class of last year.
Congrats to Felicia!

But yes, from what I saw, it wasn't a great show. Though it did have Fran getting hit in the face with a pie!
Felicia Day deserves special commendation for hugging a nearly naked David Faustino in accepting her award (don't ask)!
Yeah, there were a couple problems this year. Also, I didn't realize it would be so much like an actual awards show. But I talked to Felicia and Maurissa a little bit, which was nice. They're pretty cool folks.
Yay, Congrats to Felicia.

But when the best and funniest part of the show is the technical difficulties, you know it's a bad show. And, way too much vulgarity, that was disgusting.
I'm really happy Felicia won. That series is great, and she's put together a great group of people to make it work.

I'm also glad, however, that Agents of Cracked won Audience Choice. I liked both series equally, though in totally different ways, but I didn't think it stood a chance against the Guild, which is just so huge (and has every right to be). Basically, had either won, I'd be happy, but for what I considered the underdog to win, I'm a bit happier.

Also, the show...I've never seen a worse award show. Train wreck for the majority of the show. But Felicia looked stunning.

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This awards show needs help. The single biggest complaint last year was "why are they trying to imitate all the poorly-written patter and comedy bits of traditional awards shows, let alone doing it even worse". This year, they did twice as much, twice as badly, half of it apparently written by twelve year olds. Forget the technical problems, this was a very poor reflection of the various web series communities.

But congratulations to The Guild and Compulsions, my picks, for their wins.
I feel a little like it was an awards show written by a marketing consultant.
Excellent article Gossi.
Nice article, thanks.

I suspect there was no line audio for the nominees clips - that the faint sound was coming through the presenter's microphone. And yes, another live mic backstage picked up continuous chatter. But the vulgarity made the technical issues pale in comparison. I normally don't care about advertisers, but this time I do feel compassion for the corporate sponsors and hope they will be willing to give the Streamys another chance next year.
Blogged it, and I was in the room.
Felicia commented on her twitter account Here .

Sorry to any of our fans who watched and were offended by the raunchiness at the Streamys.The tone of humor was not honoring the evening IMO

It's very unfortunate that those in charge of the awards seem to think that the target audience for web series would be most entertained by 'man hit in crotch' type jokes.
On the production side, I've worked on a low-budget awards show before (Alberta movie awards), and I really feel for those production people. I'm glad that most have been very understanding about it...but many of the issues should have been ironed out in rehearsal. Just saying.
Not a well planned out show at all.
Yay for Felicia, though, super-classy speech and she looked fantastic!
Glad that Felicia won but I had stopped watching the live show before she did. I still don't know if Fillion won best actor in a minor role. What a debacle; streakers and vagina rejuvenation ads ad nauseum out in the theatre aisle. If you want to make a comment to the source, please go here: .
I couldn't watch it, and am very disappointed to hear how bad it was. In the right hands, this could be such a great venue for turning people on to web video. Hope they get it together next year.

Thanks for the link, Tonya. Good idea.
Well deserved. As for last years awards, I love the parts about "not waiting for permission" to make her art, and thanking all those Hollywood establishment people who didn't hire her. The experience gave her the inspiration to go pursue her dream anyway.

Felicia and her fellow actors are so talented, yet Hollywood won't touch someone who doesn't look good in the pale light of a casting couch. It's time for artists to get together and do their own thing. "The Guild" proves it is possible.

So I salute you, Felicia! I own seasons one through three on DVD, and look forward to season four. I will definitely put down hard money for entertainment I enjoy.

As for THIS years award show, glad I missed it. It didn't sound very entertaining at all.

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Various sponsors are complaining (who is surprised?). And the producers have apologised, and they're on about hiring a line producer next year. They had one for the first year.

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