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April 11 2010

Happy Birthday To Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan! Nick and Kelly turn 39. Drop a line and wish them many happy returns!

Happy Birthday Nick and Kelly! :D
Happy Birthday guys! Mine was just a few hours ago (April 11 10@10 p.m.) April babies rule!
Happy birthday Nick and Kelly!!!!!
Happy birthday and best wishes!
Happy Birthday, Nick and Kelly! :)
That elephant over there is starting to smell.
I laughed.
Happy Birthday to you (and you)!
I'm confused about the elephant comment.

I do wish a happy birthday but hope Nick is successful getting his life on the right track, if indeed there is a problem. If it was just a fluke, then...either way, I wish them both a good future.
Happy birthday Nick!! You are the man!!
Happy Birthday!!! :D
Happy birthday, I hope everything is going better.
Happy birthday(s) (belated)!

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