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April 12 2010

Twitter contest for Buffy complete DVD series. Hercules over at Ain't It Cool News is having a Twitter contest for the complete DVD series today between noon and 5pm Pacific time. Open to U.S. residents only.

Well, shoot. I guess I'll have to get updates to my phone, there's no way I'll be at the computer all day.
Alas, only to residents of the United States.
As of this writing, contest is still active...
Still supposed to be active at this time (5:56PM in the Central Time Zone).
I have been twitter-side for three hours! C'mon already!
Jane Espenson is Herc's favorite writer other than Joss Whedon. I came in fourth place and was only separated from the winner by seconds.

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2010-04-13 01:48 ]
How'd you figure that out?
I determined my placing by typing "@hercAICN" into and looking at all the tweets he received immediately after he posted the question. I tweeted the answer no more than ten or fifteen seconds after he posted the question. Three others were quicker at the draw.

[ edited by Barry Woodward on 2010-04-13 05:28 ]
LOL! You must have more patience than I do. I tried that; there were so many replies to his tweet.

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