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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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April 12 2010

Why I Adore Joss Whedon - a tumblr blogger explains. A blogger lists the reasons why she Adores our J-Man.

Cute blog about the reason we all love the man that caused this site to be created.

She didn't write it herself, she got it off livejournal, the tag says.
This person knows (the OP).

Joss is constantly giving us more fuel to fill out fandom needs. How many creators do yoy know that has written stuff for so many of his already-ended creations. I mean, we’re a very lucky group of fans.

This, so much. I think that as a fandom, we're so spoiled by Joss's extra projects we get too demanding. Personally, I think this man gives and gives and I couldn't be more thrilled that he does, but let's let him give on his timetable, not ours.
Yes, I did not write this, this was posted on tumblr from a blogger I personally follow, I re-blogged it and so people thought I wrote it, so I gave the original person their due. It is a wonderful little blog on our love for Joss.
The Whedonwell does not run dry.
It's very well written, I must add. =)
She didn't write it herself, she got it off livejournal, the tag says.

So in terms of crediting, who are we linking to at the moment and can the original source be linked to? Cause if it's been nabbed of someone else's site then I would feel incredibly iffy about it being to linked to here.

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