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April 12 2010

Nathan Fillion on Jimmy Kimmel Live! ABC tonight.

That was entertaining. :) I had read the "challenge a neighbor to a lightsaber duel" story elsewhere, but it was still high-larious tonight.

It took me until the second prop to figure out what Nathan was doing with a candlestick stashed in his jacket, but I liked that little... what, skit? Gag? Nod?

Sad that certain *other* show(s) of Mr. Fillion's didn't get a second or third season, but more Castle is welcome on my TV screen. Someone needs to brief these hosts better about Whedon alumni's show news when they interview the actors. I recall a similar gaffe when Eliza Dushku was interviewed by Fox about Dollhouse season 2.

I noticed Nathan got to do more talking (relative to Jimmy Kimmel talking) than Pamela Anderson did. Hmm... ;)

Straws... painful.
Part 1 and Part 2 are up on YouTube now. Maybe a mod can edit the OP?
It was pure luck that I caught his segment before going to sleep.
The man knows how to tell a good story!
Nathan has really come a long way since his One life to Live days. He is purely entertaining and fun to watch.
I thought it was cute. I had read about both of his stories before, but to see him act them out was adorable. I especially loved the saber stance. He also seemed less nervous this time around. With his show gaining popularity I imagine he'll become a talk show regular in no time at all.

p.s. I'm totally appreciating the arms, Mr. Fillion. First on the episode of Castle and then here. Even Jimmy took notice.
I do love that all the weapons he pulled out were from Clue.
Darn. Kimmel is on too late for me on a work night. Guess Nathan didn't see my tweet to ask Jimmy why the hell he didn't include Nathan in The Handsome Men's Club:

This was a great interview. Perhaps one of my favorites. xD

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