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April 12 2010

Alyson joins that unaging funny yellow family. Via her twitter, she worked on an episode of The Simpsons today.

I couldn't figure out if you can do a perma-link to the individual tweet. If someone knows how, please let me know!
If you click on the time posted below the tweet ("about one hour ago") it should bring up a page with the individual tweet.
So excited, gotta love Aly :D
She'd fit right in if she were a regular. Her voice is perfect for an animated sitcom.
oh that's awesome! Can't wait to "see" her!
Brilliant! Despite what others say, I still love The Simpsons and have really enjoyed the episodes of the new season that have been shown over here (Sky One have a weird way of showing new Simpsons by only showing them when they feel like it and having very large gaps for no real reason - I think we have seen about 9 episodes.)

Can't wait to see this.
In honor of the occasion I haz Simpsonized her - and also given her the Emmy she deserves several times over.

The Simpsons is still and forever one of my best beloved TV shows - source of the useful word "embiggened", Lisa unforgettable as The Lizard Queen, and Mr. Sparkle as inspiration for Serenity's "Fruity Oaty Bar" commercial. Its life and language have become embedded in my daily life and embiggened it bigtime. ; >

I'm so looking forward to seeing what they do with Alyson.
I kind of prefer the anime look myself.
I know what it is but I'm not really familiar with this series.
The anime picture is utterly adorable!

I've never watched The Simpsons regularly, but I always enjoy it when I do catch an episode, and I'll definitely be watching this one!
quantumac - they both really do look cuter than bugs in a blanket when anime'd. (Did you make that yourself, or did you find it?)

When one is Simpsonized, the skin tones naturally incline towards those yellow shades, the clothes are verra casual, and everyone looks a little tired and jaded. Myself, I look downright haggish.

Not sure I look any better when Southpark'd - though I kinda like me Southpark'd and Whedonified.

There! That should give @iWhedonesque some more good ammo to call me full of myself again. ; > Woo-hoo!

ETF: teeny tiny typo

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Quotergal: I found the "Willow & Tara the Animated Series" poster online. Sadly, I'm not the artist and there is no such series, but if there were, my eyes would be glued to it. :)

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