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April 13 2010

A Horrible Collection. Dark Horse collects the Dr. Horrible oneshot and webcomics in September, adding "a never-before-seen sixteen-page story, about the top secret organization The Evil League of Evil."

Dark Horse has designed a money vacuum. Somehow i don't mind.
Awesome news! I love it when I get to add more Whedonverse to my shelf. This AND A Shephard's Tale in September. :)
Why do they have this in their July solicitations?
They occassionally do that from time to time, I think it's so comic book stores can place orders well in advance.
Strange, that's usually what the big PREVIEWS book is for, no?


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Niiiice. I bought the one-shot assuming it wouldn't be collected in a trade, and then they did this anyway. Which I am happy about because I want the MySpace comics and the ELE story!
Dark Horse (and a bunch of other publishers too) always solicit TPB's earlier than single issues. Partly, I believe, because some of those TPB's are printed on the cheap in China, and are then shipped to America on the cheap, which takes a while.

Strange, that's usually what the big PREVIEWS book is for, no?

This would actually be the exact information that'll be in the next Previews. Haven't bought a Previews in years because I already get most of the info I need online. :-)
patxshand, that is kind of amusing that Dark Horse went out of their way to point out that Dr. Horrible's iTunes app (have no idea what that is, never looked into it) beat out Dr. Seuss and The Bible.

I didn't get my hands on the printed one-shot last November (pre-ordered, but comic shop didn't receive it, so I guess it sold out) and I never bothered to find and order it online, so I'm glad we're getting this collected edition. I liked the Hammer and Penny webcomics best, so it'll be nice to own those too, though the other two (the Billy and Moist tales) provided some worthwhile bits of backstory as well.
This is totally going on my wishlist.

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