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April 13 2010

Felicia Day announces a fourth season for The Guild. It's not quite "Li'l Guildies", but...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Felicia has incredible talent, especially for dialogue and characterization. I've been dying for this news for months! Faster Microsoft, faster!
Yea! And the virtual guildies did rejoice!

I look forward to the Youtube release when we can actually hear the curse words.
And this needn't preclude an animated "Li'l Guildies" animated spin-off, as well (hint, hint.)

ETA: The official announcement

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WA-HOOOO! *does the desk chair boogie*
Well deserved.
Neat. I just now finished watching my season three DVD. (The Axis of Anarchy: awesomeness. Wil Wheaton has finally done his penance for inflicting Wesley Crusher on me.) Off to watch it again. Here's hoping season four picks up the Codex/Fawkes subplot and runs with it. Woudn't Fawkes be a great addition to the Knights of Good? I mean, great in a terrible "boyfriend wrecking everything" way?

Go Felicia go.
Happy dance!
Yipeee! I've been waiting on pins and needles to see what happens with Codex and Fawkes. Not to mention the whole possible split-personality thing.

Wil Wheaton has finally done his penance for inflicting Wesley Crusher on me.

In all fairness, I think that was Roddenberry's fault moreso than it was Wheaton's. He hated the character, if memory serves.
I always believed that it would happen eventually, but the sooner the better.

Congrats to Felicia, the cast, and everyone else who works on it!
That's awesome! Love the Guild.
Awesome. Legend of Neil also got greenlit recently for Season 3. I've really enjoyed both series, for similar reasons.
Sunfire, thanks for the heads up about Neil. I hadn't seen that news yet. Legend of Neil's third season will be its last, as planned.

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