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April 13 2010

Joss Whedon on state of sci-fi: 'Many good shows are canceled early'. This brief interview was conducted at last night's Glee premiere party (spoilerish for Joss' upcoming episode).

I have no idea what it's like to fall in love with a good show and see it get cancelled (sobs quietly into his keyboard until the letter do't wrk.
PS: I'm not sure the headline they used does joss justice, 'cos he's trying to remove the stigma of sci-fi/genre there.

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Here's what I've learned:

If I watch a show and get into it because it's witty, enjoyable and makes me feel for the characters, it will be critically acclaimed... and then cancelled. After the series ends, DVD sales will go through the roof.

If I watch a show and decide it's flat, uninspired and just a half-hearted bland mixture of everything that came before it, I will stop watching, but the show will go on to become wildly successful by the ratings. After the series ends, DVD sales will be poor, because it really wasn't good enough to own and people know that.

What this tells me: TV ratings are inaccurate. There is a large segment of the population (like my family) which refuses to participate in the ratings process, and refuses to answer calls from telemarketers, simply because we just don't want our serenity disturbed. We're the privacy minded people.

This is where the internet can help broadcasters. With an internet broadcast, they have a good idea how many eyeballs they've got, and it's done in a way which doesn't intrude on peace and serenity like marketers do.
I'm rewatching Sarah Connor Chronicles and am a couple of episodes into S2 and I'm very aware of the countdown to "no more"...

Also picking up the threads that were never answered, which is a bugger.

Funny, in a way the last few minutes of the last episode of TSCC was a mini-Epitaph 1, flash forward to the future and all.

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