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April 13 2010

Miracle Laurie for Wonder Woman? If these peeps were casting agents, she would be.

Miracle is gorgeous, way more attractive to me than most actresses with their pseudo-anorexia, but she's a bit wide-hipped by H'wood standards for this kind of part, and also by comparison to the comics original.
I did not know that Miracle is almost the same height as Lynda Carter.
I vote yes. If I had a vote, that is. Which I don't. Alas.
Oh, she'd be GREAT as Wonder Woman!
Two votes yes! All we need now is a Photoshopped promo poster.
I'd support her in the role. But I'd watch a movie of her reading the phonebook, so I may be a slight bit biased.
I'm not sure if she could really pass for a Grecian who fights crime in stilettos, cherry red lipstick and bulletproof bracers.
I... don't dig it. Beautiful woman, good actress, all that, but leading lady? Wonder Woman? Maybe eventually, but certainly not yet.
Why not? She's a terrific actress, and I think using a "lesser-known" in the lead role, as well as getting a strong writer who will have a fresh take on the story, is just what this movie needs.

So. Miracle for the lead, Joss for the story. Peter Jackson to direct?

Now. Who to play her love interest? Enver would be the obvious choice, but would that be "too much Whedonverse"?
See, the thing is, I don't think she's terrific yet. She has potential, sure, but I don't even think she was in the top ten in Dollhouse. She was good... She'll certainly grow as an actress with more experience. I just don't think we've seen enough range yet, you know?
would that be "too much Whedonverse"?

There's no such thing as "too much Whedonverse"!
This Is Eric Well, ok. Good point. I just meant from a non-Whedonite POV.

But what about being totally daring and casting DB Woodside?

patxshand Ok.
Gina Torres is still my Whedonverse Wonder Woman.
I always liked Cobie Smulders for WW
Only saw the last season of the TV show; I the comics WW usually wore calf-top flats, I think.

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