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April 14 2010

More Dollhouse props & costumes up for auction. This weeks items include Echo's leather jacket from "Ghost", Echo's "Omega" costume, Victor's medical file and wedge, Ivy and Dr Saunder's lab coats, Echo's book and note for the storm, and serial killer brain scan and file.

Also Victor/Tony's "The Hollow Men" costume, that saucy little Kiki outfit, Sierra's "hangin' out with Topher" costume, Iris's outfit from Epitaph 2, and costumes for Mag, Ivy, Adele, Ballard, Topher, Sierra, Boyd and Mellie.

I'd still like to know what happened to all those Rossum badges... Are the people who bought them keeping them all for themselves? Giving them out free to friends?
Love that the Briar Rose book is actually an encyclopedia!

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