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April 14 2010

"TiMER" DVD available for pre-order at Amazon. Emma Caulfield's movie currently has a DVD release date of June 22nd.

Wow, that's kind of disappointing. According to online sources, the movie had an April 2009 release date but that isn't correct. It can't be. When I spoke with Emma about this movie last summer (in August), she said it looked like, "they finally had found distribution for the film and an announcement would happen soon."

I would have loved to see it in the theater but it looks like it went straight to DVD. Do any of you knowledgeable, entertainment industry savvy folks know anything more? Or where that info can be found?? The movie looks really great and I'm dying to find out more.
I saw TiMER at the Cleveland International Film Festival last month, the directors were there, and the movie was FANTASTIC (seriously, I haven't laughed like that in ages, it was really, really good).

It just happens like that sometimes, I guess (going straight to DVD)

Emma Caulfield is a thoughtful and amazing actress -- I think she gets more emotion and expressions through using just her face alone than 99% of the actors out there today.

So: long story short, I HIGHLY recommend preordering the movie. In fact, I just did, too!
Is there any chance this movie will be released on DVD in the UK?
Timer is showing at the SCI-FI-LONDON Film Festival in London (UK) on May 1st.
Drones UK premiere at the same festival on May 3rd. (Drones by Amber Benson/Adam Busch and starring Jonathan Woodward).

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