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April 15 2010

Coming soon - Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Book. Details on this so far are sparse. It's being published by Titan Books and is 200 pages long. Will it be similar in terms of style and content to the Firefly Companion volumes?

Hope is like the Firefly Companion volumes. It'll look great by the side of my Once More With Feeling companion from Simon & Schulster.
I would think they would be hard pressed to get 200 pages. Dr. Horrible is so short. Maybe it will be more like the upcoming Firefly book with additional stories. In either case, I look forward to it.
The 200 pages bit might be placeholder info. Though if you included the score as well as the script plus the Commentary! material then it would be a hefty chunk.
Awesome! I wonder what'll be in it?
Ooh! Cool! Probably pictures of a lot of props and stuff, right?
I would love the book to have the equivalent of this (fab read btw).

Dr Horrible - an oral history
If they've got scores, well gosh. This is gonna be a big buy for Jobo.
I really hope they include sheet music in this!

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