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April 15 2010

8-Bit Dr. Horrible - Act 2 is up! Act Two of the 8-Bit Video Game version of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog has been posted as of this morning.

We actually get to see Captain Hammer throw a car at Dr. Horrible's head, in all its pixelated glory.

Yay! :) Loves me some 8-bit awesome horribleness!
"Captain Hammer threw a car at my head."

I hope someone finds a way to get Doctor Octoroc involved with creating the Doctor Horrible sequel. He's super talented and clearly has a passion for this universe.
I'm actually impressed by how the creator pulls together lines from different sections of the original but makes them work, such as lines from Act 1 ("Freeze ray. Tell your friends." "That's all Johnny Snow.") in the bridge scene.
Really, really love this! However, and now I'm going to sound like an ass, I can't stand when someone does something brilliant like this and misspells things. In act one there's a line where it should be "it's" not "its"...yeah, the little things bother me. But really, I did enjoy this! A lot!
@ Didifallasleep, there don't seem to be any apostrophes in the whole thing so I don't think it was a misspelling, but possibly a limitation of the program he was using to make it all.
Yeah, only one misspelling in the whole thing so far and that's better than most 8-bit games.
I love how he made that bonus game, where Dr Horrible goes around stomping down buildings :)
All Whedon are belong to us.
The "bonus game" is brilliant!
I love that to activate the bonus game, he went to the dart board. That was a really nice touch.
He really nailed the timing of "The hammer is my penis," ha.
"Yeah, only one misspelling in the whole thing so far and that's better than most 8-bit games."

Well, two, but they add to the authenticity. :-) Loved it!

(For those, like me, who prefer to watch it on YouTube, you can see it over here.)
This is genius! Loved the Bonus game with tiny Captain Hammer.

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Someone needs to get on RPG Maker immediately and start making this game, no time to dilly-dally, just get moving people! :D
Absolutely brilliant again! And the none apostrophes thing just brought back warm memories for me, it's part of the genre really. I don't know if it was actually intentional, but for me it worked.

And yes the vid really makes you (or at least me) want to play the game. That's a huge part of what makes it so great.
I love that he added the ability to pause. This is the neatest fan created content I've seen all year.
Once again -- -head explosion from greatness-
So awesome! Love that we got to see the off camera bridge dedication incident go down. Just as i hoped it would with a car flying in off screen! Nicely done. :)
I wish I had a fancy phone so I could use one of these songs as a ringtone. This was so delightful!
It seems he plans to make it a real game:
@Nicole - It's not a real game yet so there is no ROM available, but
I'm going to do what I can to get it made into a real game.
Comment by Doctor Octoroc 04.15.10 @ 3:49 pm
Oh, that would be so awesome.

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