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April 15 2010

The Top 10 Best Genre Musicals. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and "Once More, With Feeling" take the top two positions.

Repo! The Genetic Opera, featuring Anthony Stewart Head, also makes the list.

My first reaction was "they managed to find 10?" But there's some really obscure stuff there that looks worth checking out. I have to say I gave up on Repo! after about half an hour.
Phantom of the Paradise is an enjoyable watch, with some great music, if you don't mind a bit of cheese. And The Apple is, truly, one of the best bad movies out there - terrifyingly bad. A disco train-wreck indeed. And now I really want to see Captain Invincible.

May be a tad obvious, but shouldn't The Wizard of Oz count as a fantasy musical? (Many Disney movies would too, I suppose, but animation seems so inherently fantastic to begin with that it doesn't really count as "genre" - meaning s-f/f - to me).
Yeah, and things like Brigadoon are really genre, too.

I think that old-school musical fantasies are common enough that the genre designation must refer to something different. The Wizard of Oz I guess is too mainstream?
Simon, I'm with you on Repo. A guy I dated made me watch the whole thing, because it's one of his favourite movies. A supreme waste of an hour and a half and an early sign that the relationship was doomed.
Really? I love Repo! I could've done without Paris Hilton, but I love the music--the soundtrack is one of my favorites. Oh well, to each, his/her own.
Anyways, I hadn't heard of a couple of the others (maybe I'll check them out), but other than that, I agree w/ most of the list.
Sweeney Todd deserves number one on this list. Or to be on this list at all... I'm a little confused by its exclusion. Such a fantastic show and movie.
Love the idea of that Fox musical week. Could be a lot of fun.

And yes, the non-inclusion of The Wizard of Oz seems a tad strange, but on the plus side they have Joss' work at number 1 & 2.

Jobo, I really liked Sweeney Todd too, definately deserved a space. Don't understand the backlash against the movie (never seen the show, maybe that's the reason). And it would have been great to have Tony in the list 3 times too.
I don't really see Sweeney Todd as genre, unless you count historical fiction as genre, which would open the list WAY up...

Edited to add: oh, I guess maybe as horror...

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The lack of Sweeney Todd and the placing of Repo above RHPS makes this list HIGHLY questionable; however, can't argue with the #1 and 2 spots. Though I'd be tempted to switch them, as much as I love OMWF, and I really, really do.

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And while many comic-book-fan/Whedonesquers are squeeing over the news that Joss is directing The Avengers , I, as a huge fan of musicals, would be in seventh heaven if Joss got to direct a movie version of another Sondheim musical -- maybe Into the Woods or Company ! (And I would have loved to have seen his take on Sweeney Todd !)
No Reefer Madness? Bah.

It has Alan Cumming in about fifteen different roles and Jesus sings, wearing styling gold cowboy boots and Kristen Bell and... an animation sequence that really shouldn't be spoilt. The songs and incredibly catchy and the whole movie is brilliant for a TV movie remake of a broadway satire of a 1936 anti-marijuana propganda film.

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I might be the only one, but I enjoyed the Lullaby song from Stingray Sam. I managed to watch a few episodes after the song and they weren't too bad -- pretty cute. Really catchy song though.

And of course, the top two I agreed with, that was a gimme.

(and I liked the Repo! song they put up, but it doesn't look like anything that I'd be interested in if I had to watch the whole thing. Always good to here Anthony though -- he's not too shabby.)
Into the Woods seems more up Joss's alley, floofypooh. Which, by the way, I just saw for the first time this past weekend. Amazing show, really great.
Hedwig would be on this list for me. Not that I have any clue what genre it is or isn't. Other than magical.
He didn't like the music to Evil Dead? That reviewer is dead to me!

Who was he again?
Yes, Jobo, you are probably right about Into the Woods. And I would love to see Joss's version! Even a stage version . . .
Maybe Joss could go ancient-school and direct a musical version of Antigone?

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