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April 15 2010

James Marsters Interview with Herald Sun. He talks conventions, music and playing the villain.

I was at the Brisbane SupaNova event. His concert was awesome - so awesome I've purchased his two solo albums online. And I also had a real hard time not acting like a screaming fan-girl when I got my photo taken with him. He is incredibly warm and funny... and cheeky to boot. Wish I worked for the Herald Sun, I'd have asked him about working on shows that seem to achieve cult-status. LoL.

And also, I think it's harsh that the Herald Sun forgot to mention the likes of Gareth David-Lloyd and Mary McDonnell being there.
I see he's as candid as ever - I love him! I have images now of three generations of Marsters sat around a camp fire playing the for playing Spike again *sighs* I wish, but I do think alas that ship has sailed sadly....wheatgrass or no. Shame.
JM loves Rachel Maddow! Always something to make me love this man more. :)
He always sounds like such a nice guy in his interviews and he seems to give thoughtful answers. Love reading his interviews. :)

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