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April 15 2010

Buffy Season 9 planned for mid 2011. That's the latest news to come out of C2E2.

I'm still wondering how Joss doing the Avengers film will impact season 9.I just can't see how it wouldn't in some fashion.
For me it'll depend on if Joss can turn around S8. If it stays this flat and sensationalist and if they don't bother with different artists, S9 will be the first Whedoncreation I'll give a pass, because I don't feel it's an adequat continuation of Buffy.
I will probably by season 9 regardless,
but without a change of artist my
enthusiasm will be perfunctory.
You guys don't like Jeanty's art? Odd. I think he translates the characters fairly well into comic form. Buffy is obviously the best, along with Giles. Even his Angel is pretty passable.

Anyway, I'm pretty stoked about this. I think season 8 is awesome and I've no doubt that Season 9 will be awesome as well.
If Joss is doing The Avengers, I hope Season 9 gets postponed. It just won't be the same unless he has time to spend on it, and The Avengers will be such a huge undertaking, I don't see how it would be possible to do Season 9 too.
While I do think it's completely a matter of personal opinion, I absolutely love Jeanty's work in Buffy. It's been very consistent throughout the run, and I easily connect with the characters he draws. And while the likeness isn't always exact, I don't think it's meant to be. It's a new world. And I like it.
With issue 36 not out til September, I hope issue 40 somehow drops before the end of 2010. Currently it should hit stores in January if they keep to a monthly schedule, but I hope to god one of the final five issues double ships so we can get the big finale before New Year's.
If Chen continues to do the covers I'll buy it regardless. If not, then Joss needs to pull a pretty big rabbit out of his hat for me to think of season 8 as nothing but crappy fanfic and pass on season 9 altogether.

As to Season 8's art? The characters are consistently drawn, and when I can tell who they are it's pretty good. Other times not so much....
It's soon, considering Season 8 is concluding by the end of this year.
Only a few months of hiatus is shorter than break between Fray #6 and #7.
Yet, I wonder how fixed that will be, if the Avengers thing becomes a definite done deal. I remember Joss talking about how much work and effort took him to make Serenity. The amount of work that must be involved on bigger production, pre-production, filming and post must be scarier.
And rewriting the darn thing! I would rather Whedon take his time, but I also hope we don't have to wait for Avengers to be completely wrapped before he kicks thing off.

Longer hiatus>large shipping gaps.
. It just won't be the same unless he has time to spend on it, and The Avengers will be such a huge undertaking, I don't see how it would be possible to do Season 9 too.

He may have already written most of it.
Buffy Season 8 is actually the first comic series I've read (I've since read Watchmen and Maus) and the only real reason I started reading them was because it was going to have Joss's authorial voice all over it. If he isn't involved, I may well pass on a Season 9.

As for the quality, I've liked the look of the whole thing. It really does look like the show if they could spend billions of dollars an episode. It captures the characters mostly well, but there is an occasional lapse. I've only bought the first four volumes (so, the first 20 issues,) but I have found it to be a little slow. For me, the Faith issues have been the best so far and I hope for some more of her and Giles, but the rest have been just okay. Hope it becomes a bit more arc heavy in the next few issues.
I for one love Jeanty's artwork, and I love Season 8, so I am excited that there is going to be a season 9. There is no bad here, in my opinion. =)
He may have already written most of it.

This is true. I think some people assume the gap between issues 35 and 36 is because Joss hasn't written it yet, but it's probably mostly to give Georges a break and allow him to get ahead so the book can ship on time. I would imagine Joss has been working on the final arc and his Glee episode since Dollhouse ended. And I imagine he would finish Buffy before starting on The Avengers.

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