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April 15 2010

(SPOILER) Just what did Buffy say in Buffy #34? ComicsAlliance has some thoughts on what was said in a certain wordless NSFW panel in the latest issue.

Er, that's not the ISB. That's Comics Alliance (with an article by Chris Sims who runs the ISB, but still...).
as someone who waits for the trade paperbacks, the link text and the title of the article are a little spoilery.
There's not a lot I can do about the link text but I added a spoiler tag and changed the title and ISB reference. General rule of thumb is that we keep spoilers from the current issue off the front page for about a month. After that, mostly anything goes.
This might want a NSFW warning on it 'cause those pics are a little risque.
Haha, that's damn funny.
I wonder if the scene was supposed to elicit such kind of response.
I would doubt it but then I could poke fun at just about any Buffy scene from the last 8 seaons ;).
thanks Simon, that's definitely better. now, to forget the words "outer space" and not click on this thread anymore.
"Khaaaaan!" is probably my favourite. Though, the guy in the comments had it right..."That's no moon..."
Lmao My friend and I have been laughing at that empty speech bubble all week.

"In space, no one can hear you 'Fuh'"
I'm a geek.My favorite is KHAAAAAAAAN!!!

My runner up would be Brad Meltzer's captions.

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Semi-seriously, I actually assumed (and like the idea) that that was a gasp--maybe an attempt to scream, where nothing comes out.
Were I Buffy, I'd say what I always say. "Spike!"
In true penguin spirit, KRAAAAAAAK
She's yodeling the Blue Danube Waltz.

Jeez, it's so obvious.
God, that *is* an explicit panel, isn't it?

I mean, Buffy's one-last-roll (or is the proper word break-up sex?) with Satsu didn't show that much.

And she's too rounded.
Hah! Ah, umm... Buffy screaming out my name... I'll be in my bunk.
Bwahahaha, brilliant. Glad I'm not alone in my inability to take any of the pseudo-porn seriously :)
"Khaaaan!". Hilarious.
The bubble isn't empty, they just used white ink.

Buffy: I must get my nails done tomorrow.
Buffy: There's someone else here! Marcie; stop that!
Buffy: Angel! Are you asleep?

Must go and wash my brain.
Mine would be...

"Joss why are you still torturing me with this rubbish!"

or "Get me my agent!!"

Silly, silly stuff. *g*
'Oh Angel, you've got such big... hair'

Or, you know: 'Cold. Dead. Seed.'
"God, I never thought I would top breaking down a house."
Haven't rcv'd my issue yet but have a pretty good idea what's in it (thanks to articles like this and my total inability to resist spoilers). The fuss over the sex has been reminding me of something, and last night I finally realized what it is: Eliza Dushku as Patton Oswalt's "wife" in the "Man on the Street" episode of Dollhouse, gasping, "Porn!"
P.S. Agree that "Khaaaann!!" is the funniest of the suggested texts for the speech bubble.

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