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April 15 2010

How do you feel about Joss directing The Avengers? imdb wants to know (poll now closed).

Requires registration, yeah I know. And I'm conflicted because obviously, I'd choose the first option but I've never heard of this "Josh Whedon."

It hurts my soul that I have to vote for the option that calls him Josh...
So weird, but yeah, voted for that.
I don't know which to vote for... I love Joss' works and I love the Avengers (my favorite comic book growing up in the 80s), but Joss does his best work when the story is born out of pain.

I'd love to see Joss handle an alcoholic Tony Stark, a tortured Bruce Banner, a remorseful Hank Pym, or a Thor conflicted by one %$#@%#ed up family... but the Avengers isn't about these types of character journeys. The Avengers don't share a communal pain like the X-Men or Runaways - and pain is the fat in Joss' bread and butter. The Avengers are a story of community built upon necessity - not a story of enduring pain and pushing through that pain to create something new.

Joss is great, and I'm sure the Avengers will be great in his hands - but I think we're not playing to his strengths, and people are going to leave the film wondering, "Was that really a Joss Whedon film?"
I think even Joss is sick of all the tropes that seem to follow him around. Joss knows how to be badass. I'm not worried a DAMN bit.
This was linked in a comment for another article, so I'll just repeat what I said there. If I was to vote (can't be bothered to register) I would want to select three of the options. I would always prefer Joss to be working on a project that came from his own mind. Even if it was a case of him pitching an idea for someone else's characters, I would be more enthusiastic, whereas this is obviously a case of them already having a vision and them wanting Joss to bring that to life. So, that is option 3

Having said that, Joss has never let me down before and I have never seen anything he has worked on not have something of merit (even Alien Resurrection.) I don't have any doubt in my mind that this will be a great film and I am sure I will probably enjoy it. A tick next to option 1.

But, I've also never heard of The Avengers until this rumour appeared here on the Black - or, more accurately, I hadn't heard of this The Avengers. I have to admit, most of the discussions that are going on about this film are going right over my head.
How I feel about it actually depends on how Joss feels about it--if he's got a story he loves and he connects with the characters, then I'm overjoyed for him and for the project. (Or at least joyed.) If not, not.

I'm more than a little joyed about the recognition of his worth as a director. And check out the sleek A-list auteur look the J-man's sporting.

ETA: IIRC, which is hit and miss, he once wrote an Iron Man script.

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Great find, Pointy! Joss is always lookin' so cute, but I love the lack of... tendrils? :P

And look how happy and pretty Kai looks! Does she remind any of you of Aly H. like she does me?
Josh? I thought Joe Sweden was taking over the project.
I want Joss to write and direct his own original ideas, with no studio interference. Every time he goes off and does something like this, it takes time and energy away from the brilliance that is original Joss. Damnit!
I think Joss doing Avengers is a great idea!
Well, Tim Minear, did you vote on it on imdb?

(P.S. I'm a fan!)

(P.P.S. Considering recent developments about superhero sex in Whedon's worlds, should I be looking for naughty meanings to "Joss doing Avengers?")

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I think it's a great idea! But I refuse to vote in this poll since they can't even get his name consistently correct.
I think Josh Whedon rules

Never change, IMDB.
boo josh, Joss ftw! PS - go avengers.
Is it just me or does it seem like Joss is sporting a sort of Matthew Weiner look in that pic Pointy posted? Think it looks great. Definitely auteury.
Oh dear...well, I think that while I am not one of the rabid JOSS fans that thinks everything the man touches is pure gold...I do think that he is extremely talented, and always manages to bring stories and characters to new heights. I do love the thought of him directing The Avengers, I just hope that he has some input on the screenplay/script, as I think after reading his X-Men comic, that he is fully capable of handling this kind of project, and with excellence and ease. Can't wait! :)
Personally I'm hoping that The Avengers turns out to be Toy Story with real people. I can say that since I've never read the comics. And it's funny. Well, to me anyway.
lol, Sunfire *subtly wonders if the 'never change' was a reference to Dean saying that to Cas in 'The End'.* What? I just watched the 100th episode! I am so not over identifying things to be Supernatural related, pfft.

Like someone else said, if Joss is excited for the project then I am too. I don't really know anything about 'The Avengers' but I'll probably (definitely) see if for Joss, =)
I think it's about time.
Joss really does look great in those photos. I'm dyin' for some kinda interview with him.
I wanted to choose the first option but then it seemed like a trick question for people who didn't really know who Joss was. I mean...Josh? JOSH?!

But seriously my opinion is that Joss will to do an amazing job with anything he works on. He will not allow anything under his direction to be mediocre. And 'The Avengers' seems like a wonderful vehicle for his skills. I was extremely relieved to read that he is reworking the script himself (hello, does anyone remember his 'Speed' rewriting magic?!?) I am also glad that he will be helming a film that has the potential to be a mainstream hit and will therefore garner the attention our favorite storysmith richly deserves.
I think Gossi found the photos of sleekness. Credit, due.
I liked the first pick. He's going do awesome with the movie, and I can't want to see what he's going to do with it.
Well in my feeble opinion when I read Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men I loved reading Joss' short but sweet rendition of the (then current) Avengers cast. I really liked his voice for Peter in particular. I'm sure the film will be great! Joss you need to direct more!!

I want to show DC/WB what a huge mistake they made!

p.s. NPH.Bruce Banner. just a thought.
I don't remember my registration info, and if they can't get his name right, well...

I still feel awesome about it! Very happy for him and excited about the project. More excited about the doors said project will open in the future.

He'll do right by the Avengers and their fans. They got NOTHIN' to worry 'bout.
I've changed the link to the results page as that particular poll is now closed.
Tim Minear has spoken - that's good enough for me. ;)
I'm sure the movie will be fine. It may even be great. But I do think that Joss does better with smaller productions. Then again, we've never really seen him take on anything really huge like this. So I'm optimistic, but realistically so. If it's a failure, it will be mostly on him, so you can imagine that I'm hoping that he does a decent job. A home run on this project will probably allow him to write his own checks on his own projects.
I think Joss will blast it out of the ball park. Fits him to the "T", my goodness.
It recorded a vote for me and I didn't vote yet! I didn't click on it or anything. I would have chosen the first option, despite it calling him "Josh," but it made me feel like I was voting in the 2000 presidential election!
I want to gather up those of the 1209 voters who said "Who is Joss Whedon?" (and really meant it) and show them the light...! I'm looking forward to the project, and I'm sure it'll be a home run.

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