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April 16 2010

For one night only - crazy credits. Remember the first time when you saw the opening titles for 'Superstar' and 'Once More With Feeling'?

Yes, I remember them both well. As I recall, I'd creeped up a bit more on the edge of the couch because I knew they were going to be extra special. 'Course, they were by our sense of measurement.
Oh, those were all great fun. I've never seen a single episode of "Supernatural," but I sorta loved the sitcom one. As a guy who grew up on those cheesy eighties to nineties sitcoms, like "Family Matters" and "Full House," they got the font exactly right, while parodying the tone just enough to make it brilliant.

I'm going to add that my favorite credits change that didn't make the list because it's not sci-fi or fantasy in the traditional sense was the "Friends" fantasy episode. Brilliant!
"Clips of Jonathan have been inserted willy-nilly throughout the sequence, as though hes been part of the show for years."

That could have been phrased better.
I liked when they included footage in the closing credits. That's enough time to show worthwhile bits ! In "The Puppet Show" it was used to great comedic effect and in "She" we got sort-of bloopers for Denisof and Boreanaz dancing. Wish they'd used that dead space for more extra footage (or bloopers, when appropriate, like after a comedic ep...not like, after "The Body" or anything heavy). Here the network would sometimes squish the credits box and play over it with ads, but if there was footage contained in the closings, they wouldn't have done that (or we would've bitched at The New VR and YTV to stop doing that).

Aside from getting an extra instrumental song in "Once More, With Feeling"'s closing credits (and discounting the Mutant Enemy "Grr, Arg!" changes, which were already mentioned in the article), were there any other changes (or footage instead of just text) for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, or Dollhouse's closing credits ?

Glad the weird/opportunistic Trek thing that happened for last season of Lost's "The Variable" was only shown in the States, didn't get it in Canada. Didn't even know it had happened until now. Cheese. And it would just fuel the fire for folks who think it's gonna be aliens behind all this (that the island is a spaceship or whatever). Lost doesn't feel very "Trek" least I hope they're not happening in the same 'verse.

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In Angels "Waiting In The Wings", there was the scene with Amy and Alexis dancing.

I was a latecomer to the show so I knew that Tara wasn't going to make it, but I still enjoyed the different credits. It was nice that she got to be in them, even if it was just once.

And I don't know if anyone here watched it, but in season 3 of Roswell there was an episode with Bewitched-style cartoon credits.
One thing that always made me curious about Superstar and I'm glad they brought it up, was why they didn't include Danny Strong in the "starring" section. It would have really solidified the joke to either have him leading off the credits or ending them.

This of course is simply my ignorance of how credits are handled however. There's a part of me that wonders if the actual stars might have gotten angry. But who knows, maybe the actors might have found it funny as well. I'm just thinking maybe there are contractual issues there that are too hard to work around. Still, if anyone actually knows the answer or some purple peeps happen to see this question and have a simple answer, I'd feel enlightened and grateful.

I'm sure someone's asked it before.
emmy, I don't even remember that bit at the end of "Waiting in the Wings". Maybe it got trampled over by the station that aired it up here in Canada, not sure. Will have to watch for it when I finally get around to an Angel re-watch.

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